5 Corners to Never Cut in a Bathroom Makeover


Nobody wants to go over budget on their bathroom renovation – but trimming expenses in the wrong places can quickly backfire. Here are 5 corners you should never cut when looking for ways to save money on your bathroom makeover.

Passing on a Professional Designer

At first glance, contracting a professional bathroom designer seems like a superfluous luxury. Once you dig deeper, however, it’s easy to see where the benefits might lie.

To start, popular designers maintain a multitude of professional relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. Larger firms have access to lower prices unavailable to the general public.

But the true value lies in design expertise.

A full bathroom overhaul involves piecing together more than 50 different components. Researching, matching, ordering and sizing each of these elements can be overwhelming unless you’ve got a natural flare for design.

A professional knows when to upgrade materials and when not to, and your finished product will look more, well, finished! It’s no secret that a show-stopping bathroom does wonders for resale value.

Installing Green Drywall instead of Fiber-Cement Backer Board

In 2017 there’s no excuse for not protecting all wet areas with cement backer board. Green sheetrock is an outdated material and will never provide the same durability and stability for heavy tile.

Skimping on Sealants

Sealing natural stone tile, flooring and grout lines is not optional. Over time moisture enters the pores and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and hard-to-remove stains.

While any hardware store will sell grout & tile sealant for about twenty bucks a gallon, these products are Band-Aid solutions. Spend the money on professional grade sealants found at higher-end tile dealers.

Similarly, never use cheap caulk to waterproof sinks, tub surrounds, doors, backsplashes, etc. High quality caulk only costs a few dollars more and will better protect against water damage over time. Upgrade to silicone sealants when necessary.

Opting for a Mix & Match Motif

Amazing deals can be had by picking mix & match bathroom fixtures and hardware out of discount bins, discontinued lines, etc.

And perhaps you couldn’t care less about having a brushed nickel sink faucet, shiny chrome shower head and oil-rubbed bronze tub filler. The problem is that someday, a potential buyer might.

Mismatched bathrooms detract from the value of your home, meaning that money saved now could cost you more in the long run.

Pro Tip: The finish on your sink, toilet and tub should also match if they are made of similar materials.

Installing a Cheap Toilet

A commode with sleek lines and modern styling absolutely plays a role in bathroom design – but forking out extra dough for a quality toilet is more about performance than aesthetics.

Not all toilets are created equal. Flushing power matters and a well-designed tank & bowl are less likely to clog.

Before you install the cheapest toilet you can find, remember that just one unnecessary service call from the plumber will negate all of those savings.

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