Build the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for BBQ Heaven

consolidated-outdoor-kitchen-t488221463Nothing says summer quite like the sight and smell of a smoking backyard grill!

But traipsing back and forth to the kitchen to grab utensils, marinade, potato salad and extra buns can put a real damper on your BBQ Zen.

Upgrading your open-air dining room with an outdoor kitchen will elevate your barbecue experience from “Coach” all the way past the curtain and on up into “First Class”.

Here’s what you need to know to create an outdoor kitchen that’s not only built for longevity and functionality but designed to leave the neighbors drooling with envy.

Not just another brick in the wall

Many homeowners in the northeast make the mistake of building their outdoor kitchen out of lumber. Sure, wood is easier to work with for the average DIYer, but just one harsh winter can leave your new kitchen worn and weathered.

Instead, consider using terra cotta or stone brick. Not only will brick continue to look great for years to come, it matches with any home and creates the perfect ambience for al fresco dining.

While you’ve got the mason out there, build in a wood-fired pizza oven to complement the barbecue.

Maintenance free longevity

From appliances to backsplash, install stainless steel to make cleaning up and long-term care a breeze while contrasting the rustic feel of brick with modern flair.

When looking at sinks think sturdy and simple yet chic. With classically angled corners and a gently curving faucet deck, the Toccata™ by Kohler is a great choice.

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