Why Do Kitchen Remodels Go Over-Budget?

shutterstock_254969464Keeping a kitchen renovation on-budget is a real challenge. More often than not, homeowners wind up reaching for the checkbook to cover final touches.

Why is it that kitchen remodels are so prone to going over-budget? We asked top designers and contractors that very question.

Leaving Out Particulars

The Devil is in the details when it comes to accurate estimates. Many homeowners forget to mention “little things” they’d like to see in the finished product, but these minor upgrades add up over time.

From fancier cabinet knobs to luxury paint and upgraded lighting, every detail ought to be listed ahead of time.

Scope Creep

Sometimes you don’t realize which details and “little things” you want until the project is underway.

As you get deeper into your kitchen makeover, it’s normal to discover and desire extras, but adding to the scope of your project shows up on the final tally.

Underestimating Cost of Luxury Materials

It’s a great idea to splash out on a few sophisticated upgrades to give your kitchen a sumptuous look. What’s not advisable is adding luxurious materials to the design plan without research and due diligence.

A survey conducted by Houzz.com found that 45% of all over-budget renovations were caused by homeowners opting for too many costly materials.

Poor Communication with Service Providers

Miscommunication can lead to expensive mistakes. Wrong materials are ordered, wrong walls are knocked out and that beautiful granite slab is cut too small. Make sure you’re always on the same page as your service providers—it’s paramount to staying on-budget.

Failing to Keep It Simple

Major structural changes often wind up being more complex than you’d imagined. Ripping out walls and adding an extension may seem simple in theory but can be an incredibly involved and costly process.

Remember that the more complex your plans, the more likely it is you’ll discover and need to address underlying issues such as plumbing or wiring concerns.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Finding a reputable, reliable crew means asking around for referrals and requiring that all tradespeople provide a reference.

Get stuck with inexperienced GC or subs and you’ll be paying to correct their mistakes.

Unexpected Building Codes

Remodeling an older home may mean forced upgrades to meet modern building codes.

Going All-in on Appliances

It’s easy to be taken in by the allure of high-end appliances. Research options thoroughly in advance and understand which are the best fit for you.

Only pay for special features if you’re sure they’ll see regular use. Don’t install a dedicated pizza oven if you never cook pizza!

Changing Your Mind

We can’t overstate: Deviating from the original plan inflates the budget of any kitchen remodel. Plan ahead and ask for a 3-D rendering before the demolition crew gets started!

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