6 tips for convincing your spouse your home needs a bathroom makeover

bathroom renovation
Investing in a home renovation is a major decision and not something you want to “dupe” your partner into going along with.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t arm yourself with enough ammunition to help your better half see the value in a bathroom upgrade.

Here are a few tips to make your pro-makeover argument a lot more persuasive:

1. Appeal to their love of greenback

Point out the fact that a bathroom renovation is not an expenditure, it’s an investment. In some markets bathroom renovations actually add more than 100% of the cost to the resale value of your home!

And if your new bathroom is an extension and not just a makeover you can increase the overall value of your home up to a whopping 9 percent.

With an ROI like this it’s not such a terrible idea to pull funds out of one investment to slide over into another.

2. A stitch in time saves nine

Often times a bathroom overhaul uncovers underlying issues you didn’t even know were there. In the long run, renovating now could save you thousands by nipping these problems in the bud before a leaky sink or broken wax toilet seal does extensive damage to your joists and sub-floor.

If you live in an older home upgrades aren’t just a luxury—they’re an eventual necessity. From cracked tiles to warped cabinets and more, let your partner know that maintaining now before concerns spiral out of control is a smart move.

3. Craft your own personal escape

Does your spouse ever feel stressed out or frazzled from work?

Everyone could use a little alone time and what better place to relax and unwind than in your new spa-styled bathroom. Perhaps a night in a luxury hotel to experience the difference could be just the trick?

4. Improve function as well as form

Sure, a new bathroom is as much about style and comfort as it is bathing and brushing your teeth but another advantage of renovating is reworking the design to better suit your needs.

Need a tub for bathing young children?

How about a second sink to eliminate squabbling over morning bathroom time?

5. An opportunity to increase storage

Draw attention to the mountain of clutter spread across the vanity. Gently suggest that optimizing the space would make more room for products, toiletries, towels and linens.

Whether your family has grown or you’ve just got more stuff, extra storage in the bathroom is a luxury worth having.

6. Upgrade to energy efficient fixtures

Point out the ecological and cost-cutting benefits.

Do your part for the environment and save cash on electricity and water bills by switching out those ancient faucets, showerheads and lighting fixtures for modern energy efficient models.

You can save an incredible amount of water each and every year with the installation of Watersense products. Don’t forget to pick out a Kohler Dual-Flush Water Saving Toilet.

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