10 kitchen gadgets to inspire you to spend time in the kitchen

kitchen-gadgetsLife just keeps getting busier, and one of the first things to fall by the wayside is spending time in the kitchen.

But treat yourself to some of these innovative gadgets, and you’ll find yourself inspired as your time in the kitchen become easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

1. Electric knife sharpener

Dull knives can be dangerous to use. A quick, simple and convenient way to solve the problem is with an electric knife sharpener. Make your knives feel brand new with one of these incredibly easy to use tools.

2. Multipurpose cutting board

Many people love to cook, but it’s much harder to find someone who enjoys the cleanup that follows. A multipurpose cutting board will come with a tray to catch scraps and crumbs that can easily be removed after cutting. It is a great way to make kitchen cleanup a breeze.

3. Touch-sensitive faucet

When your hands are full of dishes or covered in grease you can just tap these faucets with the back of your hand to get the water flowing.

4. Smart scale

A smart scale can connect to your phone to walk you through recipes or tell you exactly when you’ve measured out enough ingredients.

5. Automatic soap dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser is a quick and affordable way to make your time in the kitchen easier and cleaner. Simply place your hand under the soap dispenser to activate it.

6. Hand blender

A hand blender is a convenient way to blend your ingredients without having to transfer anything from the pot to a blender. Simply put your hand blender directly into the dish you need to blend.

7. Vegetable spiralizer

This increasingly popular tool can make some of your favorite meals even healthier. A spiralizer makes noodles, ribbons and curls out of vegetables. It’s a fun way to present beautiful and healthy dishes to your family.

8. Mandoline

This tool makes prep time in the kitchen a breeze. With a mandoline you can quickly and easily slice, mince and julienne your ingredients.

9. Fridgepad

A Fridgepad mounts your iPad on your fridge. This keeps your iPad out of the way of spills and kitchen grime but allows you to use it to follow your favorite recipe.

10. Airfryer

Airfryers are incredibly popular because of their ability to easily fry a variety of dishes in a much healthier way than a traditional fryer. This amazing device can fry everything from French fries to chicken wings with just a tablespoon of oil, or less!

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