Experience “real rain” with Kohler’s new showerhead

real-rain-showerheadNow is the perfect time to update your shower.

Kohler’s new Real Rain showerhead will completely change your expectations of how a shower should feel.

Natural rain

The Real Rain showerhead looks and feels as if you are in a natural rain shower. This shower head creates a multi-sensory experience that allows you to be transported to a warm rainstorm, personalized just for you.


Kohler has designed every component of the Real Rain showerhead to truly emulate the feeling of natural rain. The spray face has been engineered to simulate rain by adjusting the size of water drops and varying the rate at which the water falls just like in a true rainstorm.

The Real Rain showerhead was also innovatively designed to recreate the feel of a growing rainstorm. Using a water reservoir that relies on gravity rather than the traditional pressurized spray, the shower starts off as a slow storm which then grows in intensity. The on-demand deluge feature then releases the water in the reservoir to leave you feeling like there was just a cloudburst of rain.

Kohler’s design not only creates a unique and luxurious experience, it also conserves water. This showerhead uses only 2 gallons of water per minute during normal operation. You can be certain that you are doing your part to help efficiently conserve water.

Modern look

The look of the Real Rain showerhead is minimalist and modern. The spray face is square and mounted on the ceiling to further the feel of being caught in a natural rain shower. The showerhead comes in a variety of finishes to perfectly match any bathroom.

Kohler’s Real Rain showerhead is perfect for anyone wanting to feel the luxury and relaxation of a gentle natural rainstorm on a daily basis. This advanced and innovative showerhead will make every shower an extraordinary and sophisticated experience.

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