How to conquer bathroom clutter

bathroom-clutter-cleanupWith multiple people taking showers, getting dressed and applying makeup, your bathroom can get crowded with an abundance of different products and personal care items.

Such an easily cluttered space can quickly become overwhelming to clean, but with these quick and easy strategies you can conquer your bathroom cleanup in no time at all.

Sort it

When tackling bathroom clutter, start by going through all of your drawers and cabinets and sort every item you find. Take note of duplicates, products you never use and products that are grungy and old.

Sort your items in whatever way works best for your lifestyle. You can group hair products and face products or your shower and sink items.

Donate or toss it

Remember all those items you found that were old or unused? Now is the time to get rid of them. These products are just taking up valuable space that could be used more efficiently.

Items that are clearly old, worn out or basically empty can just be thrown away. However, if you have products in good condition or things that are brand new, donate them to a local charity or give them to a friend. This prevents waste while still freeing up space in your bathroom.

Maximize storage space

Storage space in the bathroom can be sparse so it’s important to find creative solutions.

Put away any duplicates or extra items in a labeled box and store it in another part of your house. Everything you need will still be close at hand, but you’ll gain some valuable space in your bathroom.

Insert adjustable shelves into your available cabinet space. You may want to position your shelves in order to fit a tall stack of towels or toilet paper while still leaving room at the top for some personal care items. This will really maximize your cabinet space.

By taking the time to sort through your bathroom products, organize them efficiently and creatively maximize your storage space, you can easily declutter your bathroom for the long term.

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