Planning your new bathroom

bathroom-planning-t139716696There are few events more exciting to a homeowner than putting together a brand new bathroom. But before you rip out your toilet and head down to our showroom to pick out a new one, take a deep breath and work out a plan.

Another decade or more will pass before you’re afforded another shot at this, so let’s get it right the first time.

In this post we’re going to look at the importance of approaching the design of your new bathroom with a “whole house” perspective. Hold tight and we’ll explain what we mean.

You can’t see the big picture from the doorway

One of the biggest mistakes people make when envisaging their new bathroom is to park themselves right at the entrance to work out upgrades.

The problem here is that most homes are over twenty years old and until recently bathrooms weren’t given much priority in terms of floor space. Plus, it’s hard to really get those creative juices flowing when staring directly at the set-up you’re looking to replace.

Now, we understand your potential apprehension towards ripping out a wall and turning your bathroom re-do project into a major home renovation, but often with a little creativity you can find extra room with minimal financial outlay.

Adding a few more square feet can make the difference between a truly inspired design and just another bathroom.

Here are a few good examples of space that can often be easily repurposed, rearranged or refocused:

  1. Hallways running adjacent to your bathroom
  2. Closets backing on to your bathroom
  3. Baths that back on to a utility room that can be combined into one larger multi-use space by enclosing the washer/dryer behind cabinetry.

It’s not that you must add additional square feet in order to create the bathroom of your dreams, but the idea is to get a clearer picture of your options and not automatically presume you don’t have any wiggle room.

Match the aesthetic of your home

Taking a “whole house” approach isn’t limited just to thinking about the nuts and bolts, either. Your house is a reflection of your lifestyle and so the overall theme of your home ought to be incorporated into your new bath.

If your overriding aesthetic is modern and chic, then an old fashioned bathroom may feel out of place, even if the design is well orchestrated within the confines of that one room.

It’s not that everything needs to match, far from it, but high character items such as your faucet, sink, toilet and shower/tub ought to be chosen carefully to ensure fluidity with the rest of your home.

Make it yours

For a bath that matches your personality best, think first about what you’d like to be able to do in there. Forget about the obvious and let your imagination do the talking. Today’s bathroom should be more of a retreat and less of an afterthought.

Like to relax in the bath with a glass of wine after work? Then surely the new trend of foregoing a tub for a more spacious and luxurious shower isn’t for you.

Treasure your own space? Consider his and hers sinks and vanities.

Finding the perfect layout for you takes more than thumbing through design magazines and selecting a style that jumps off the page. Other people’s ideas are great for inspiration, but never forget that your bathroom needs to be perfect for your home and not somebody else’s.

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