What Makes a Kitchen Design Beautiful?

beautiful-kitchenWhat makes a kitchen design beautiful?

The question may seem simple but there’s more to the science of home décor than meets the eye. Not all the pieces driving kitchen design “wow factor” are plain to see.

By shedding light on some of the hidden elements that generate beauty at the heart of your home perhaps we can start to unravel the enigma.

Room to Breathe

There’s something about a big kitchen that makes an immediate impact. It’s the one room of the house where “too big” never seems to apply, but you don’t need to start hammering through drywall to achieve the effect.

Roomy kitchens are often more about the optics of space than literal square footage. Increase storage to free up counter space and employ minimalist design principles to remove clutter.

Consider an open plan layout to spill the space over into an adjoining room – more homes are featuring a living room/kitchen combo to seemingly pull additional space out of thin air.

Pro Tip: Adding mirrors to your kitchen design tricks eyes into seeing space that simply isn’t there.

Let the Sunshine In

The power of natural light cannot be understated.

Broad windows. Skylights. Do whatever you’ve got to do to get more sunlight and you’ll bask in the warm, comfy ambience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play Copy Cat

There’s something to be said for a kitchen design that’s truly unique – but don’t shy away from design trends just as long as it’s a motif with longevity.

Trending styles become popular for a reason, and any perceived lack of ingenuity is irrelevant if you feel comfortable with the style and find it beautiful.

Au Naturale

All natural finish materials such as stone or exposed wood are warm and inviting.

Depending on the overall style of the design, a wide range of natural textures can amplify the atmosphere.

Inside & Out

An oft-overlooked aspect of kitchen design is harmonizing the inside with what’s on the outside.

Just as a view adds value to your home – so it does with your kitchen.

Invest in sprucing up your garden to bring the beauty of the great outdoors all the way to your countertops.

Whenever possible, increase window area to truly connect the two worlds.

No Man is an Island

It’s rare to see a kitchen transformation where the island is removed.

Space permitting – include an island.

State-of-the-Art Fixtures

It’s easy to have a stunning centerpiece with a kitchen tap that makes visiting eyes widen in admiration.

Up your fixture budget and you’ll be showered with compliments down the line.

High-End Appliances

Knock-your-socks-off appliances are the practical reason you’ll keep coming back to the kitchen. Invest first in a luxury fridge and then move on to the range and ancillary appliances.

In kitchen design it’s the details that count and impressive appliances is a detail that can’t be overlooked.

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