The Blue & Gold Bathroom: Go for It!

blue-gold-tileWith an infinite supply of color combinations to choose from, finding the right palette for your bathroom makeover can feel like swimming in a sea of paint swatches!

It’s tough to find your ideal balance: edgy enough to be eye

-catching but not over-the-top, classic enough to be timeless yet still unique.

If you’re looking for bold & beautiful without raising too many eyebrows, allow us to suggest blue & gold.

A New Twist on an Old Tradition

Blue as a bathroom color basis is hardly an emerging trend. “Seaworthy” baby blue powder rooms have been a staple ever since the upgrade from ramblers to split-levels in the mid 1960’s.

What is new is the idea that blues don’t need to be subtle to be effective.

Scorn the sky and periwinkle and explode into something a bit more exciting such as cobalt, Persian or a glossy midnight.

Color psychology holds that emulating calm blues from nature can create a similar serenity in the home – but there’s nothing wrong with choosing vibrancy over tranquility.

The Gold is in the Accents

When we say “gold” we’re not talking gilded toilets a la Chateau de Versailles. Shoot for chic, not opulent.

Add enough gold so that it’s clear you mean it, but apply sparingly.

Think accessories and accent pieces. Mirror frames, soap bottles, towel racks and fixtures are all good candidates.

Delta’s Got the Right Idea

Check out the Addison™ TempAssure® 17T Series H2Okinetic® Tub and Shower Trim, the perfect shower system style to integrate into a blue & gold color scheme.

The combination of antique feel with modern form brings the whole idea together. It shows that you appreciate tradition but don’t fear making a statement.

Aside from aesthetics, the Addison enhances your shower experience with H2Okinetic Technology.

Outside the tub consider Virage by Brizo. It’s the perfect counterpart to a gorgeous blue vessel sink basin.

Think Ceramic

The blue & gold color combo is an absolute star when it comes to tilework. Why?

Gold accent pieces make it possible to choose an off-white grout.

While there’s something completely stunning about pure white grout lines, we all know that they won’t stay that way forever (no matter what the back of the bathroom cleaner tells you). Sand colored grout creates the impression of actual gold in the presence of your shining accessories.

Imagine tilework that stays looking clean and new without hours of elbow grease!

Tempered with White

A bold blue & gold bathroom can lead to sensory overload if you’re not careful – take a bit of the edge off by leaving the ceiling white and opting for cool white towels.

In cases where the overall vibe veers towards the intense, select non-intrusive flooring materials to achieve equilibrium.


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