Tips for a Slip-Proof Shower

Slips and falls in the bathroom represent a serious danger to every household—not just those with children or seniors. Installing some level of slip protection is a vital safety measure that can’t be overlooked.

From quick fixes to full-scale renovation solutions, this post will help keep you on your feet!

Simple and Affordable

The easiest method for staying sure footed while singing in the shower is a special textured floor mat designed precisely for this purpose.

Made to be used while you bathe, mats come in a variety of sizes to fit every tub or shower enclosure. Measure dimensions ahead of time for an accurate fit. Spend the extra money and upgrade to a mat that attaches with high-quality suction cups.

If you don’t like the look of a large mat, consider a number of smaller clings spaced out symmetrically along the floor. Another option is a pair of slip-resistant shower slippers.

Hold on Tight

Installing off-the-shelf grab bars is a low-level DIY project offering big results. Even if you don’t have mobility issues, access to a stability bar makes it easier to wash the bottom of your feet and get in and out of the tub.

Take a Load Off

Most upscale bathroom remodels feature large walk-in shower enclosures, but more room to move also means more room to slide.

Consider installing a tile-covered bench for seated bathing or purchase a waterproof shower chair or stool.

Revamp a Slippery Tub

Over the years, bathtubs lose their anti-slip treatment. If you’ve got an older home and you don’t have plans to rip out your worn-out tub and renovate, hire a contractor for resurfacing.

Special sand can be added to any bathtub refinish to create a non-slip surface invisible to the naked eye.

Starting Over From Scratch

When planning a bathroom remodel or new build, a number of construction decisions have a notable impact on slip and fall safety.

Stay away from porcelain floor tiles in the bathroom as they offer very poor traction when wet. Vinyl or textured tiles are much safer options for wet areas. Always test bathroom flooring materials for grip at the showroom. Splash on a little water and run your thumb along the surface to check for traction.

The most common shower related accident happens stepping in or out of a tub-shower combo. Introduce a dedicated shower stall into your renovation blueprints to remove this major tripping hazard. If you’ve got the space, a dedicated bath and separate shower is the perfect balance between luxury and personal protection.

Special Considerations for Seniors

Installing a walk-in bath is an excellent way to increase safety for seniors while providing loved ones the dignity of being able to bathe on their own.

Safety tubs are equipped with a door that opens for obstacle-free access and non-slip seating areas for easy bathing.

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