How Long is a Toilet Good For?

Toilets are designed to stay in service for a very long time, but nothing lasts forever.

Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, use this simple guide to determine whether or not your toilet is due for an upgrade.

Not All Leaks are Created Equal

Water at the base of your toilet isn’t necessarily a sign that your commode is kaput. The most common culprit in this scenario is a failed wax ring, faulty tank seal or loose bolts between the tank and the bowl.

But if the leak is caused by hairline fractures in the bowl or tank, your toilet will most likely need to be replaced.

A plumbing professional can patch the cracked porcelain in some cases, but in general such a repair only buys you time before purchasing a new toilet.

Inefficient Flushing

When thinking of technological advancements in our modern world, most people overlook how far the toilet has come since Thomas Crapper first introduced his life changing invention to the world.

Many older homes feature toilets that have long since become obsolete. While they might work okay, these outdated units lack the flushing power and water efficiency of contemporary toilets.

Homeowners who upgrade to a modern toilet are often amazed by the increased functionality. How would you like to say good-bye to your plunger? Getting rid of that old clunker also means no more special ordering parts for routine maintenance.

Speaking of Maintenance

If your current toilet constantly requires tinkering to work right, it could be time to upgrade to a more maintenance-free model.

All toilets will periodically require new parts, but if you’re opening up the tank on a monthly basis, it’s time to go toilet shopping.

Clash of the Toilets

Unless you’re going for a retro or antique look, most old-fashioned toilets don’t match with modern bathroom design motifs.

A vintage toilet can make the room feel out-of-date. You might be surprised how stylish a new toilet can be and the impact it can make on the look of the space.

Along the same lines, some of the colors popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s were downright hideous. You’d be hard pressed to find an interior designer willing to work with a pink or pea green toilet!

Upgrades Galore

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your old toilet other than it being past its prime. Today’s toilets are more comfortable, more reliable, easier to clean and more powerful while using a lot less water.

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