Throw Away the Chemicals and Steam Clean Your Bathroom Instead

Steam cleaning_editedFor decades we’ve wandered aimlessly down the cleaning supplies isle at our local box store, grabbed something that says “Kills 99% of germs” and unloaded it into our bathroom sinks, toilets, and showers. If the bathroom didn’t smell like a toxic mix of bleach and Summer Breeze, it simply wasn’t clean.

What we now know is there is a much better, safer way to clean the bathroom. The power of steam not only kills those germs you’re trying to rid yourself of but also eliminates the use of harsh chemicals that can affect your family’s health.

What’s Wrong With Chemicals?

Cleaners that incorporate chemicals – whether in a spray bottle, powder, or pour spout – can present a danger to your family. In fact, some labels give explicit warnings, such as, “Hazardous to humans and domestic animals.” We’re guessing you’ve got a few humans living in your house, so let’s look for a better solution.

Common chemicals in cleaners:


This powerful solvent is found in window and multipurpose cleaners. Inhale too much of this chemical and you could suffer from an itchy throat or even liver or kidney damage.


This chemical is liked by cleaning product companies because it evaporates and doesn’t leave streaks, which means you’ll find it in window clearers and polishes. Ammonia is a strong irritant. Family members with asthma or difficulty breathing could be affected immediately. Ammonia also creates a poisonous gas if mixed with bleach.


Many cleaners contain chlorine, including scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners, mildew removers and laundry whiteners. Chlorine is an irritant that can cause mild discomfort breathing, but high levels of chlorine can negatively affect your thyroid.


Bleach is often used in clearers or as a standalone cleaning product in the bathroom. Irritation from bleach can begin right away, causing runny eyes, nose and skin irritation. Constant exposure to the chemical can lead to respiratory problems, skin burn, headaches or vomiting.

Why Steam Cleaning Is Better

Steam cleaning kills 99% of the bacteria in your bathroom without the harsh side effects of chemicals. Not only is steam cleaning safer for your body, but it also provides a safe environment for your kids and pets. Here are the top reasons steam cleaning your bathroom is better than using chemicals:


Steam cleaning only uses heat and water. No need to open all the windows or wear a mask to complete the job.

Safe for kids

Your family can immediately touch or use the facilities without worry of a skin irritation or breathing in chemicals. Same goes for Fido – the whole family is safe, even the furry members.


Because steam cleaning doesn’t involve the harsh chemicals of store bought cleaners, those with allergies or asthma can breathe easy.

Mold removal

Using bleach on mold doesn’t kill it; the chemical just turns the mold white so you think it’s gone. Steam cleaning reaches such a high temperature that it actually kills the mold and can be easily cleared with a brush.

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