9 Guest Bathroom Luxuries

Guest Bathroom Luxuries_editedYour home should be a place of relaxation and comfort, not just for your family but also for guests. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or having family over for the holidays, you want guests to feel welcome and a little bit spoiled, even when they’re using the bathroom. Here are nine guest bathroom luxuries divided by price range.

Simple, Affordable Bathroom Luxuries: $


A seasonal fragrance paired with the mood lighting of a flickering flame makes any space more inviting. Even when the candles aren’t lit, they make for great décor.

Spa-like treatments

Hand soaps, bath salts, and bubble bath can transform your bathroom from an ordinary space into a desirable retreat. Placing the products in glass jars or matching containers can make them feel even more luxurious.

Fresh flowers

While a bouquet of fresh flowers can add a splash of color to the bathroom (not to mention a nice fragrance), lavender in particular can actually help your guests relax. Lavender is often used in essential oils and candles to help produce a calm, peaceful feeling.

Moderate Bathroom Luxuries: $$

Shower curtain and rugs

If you’re not ready to replace a shower or start removing tiles, a new shower curtain and rugs can breathe life into a guest bathroom. Calming colors are especially inviting, like seafoam and cottage white, white and lavender, and dusty teal, white and mocha.


Add a touch of elegance, keep things modern or appreciate the past with new bathroom fixtures. From a rainhead spout in the shower to brushed nickel faucets and handles, new fixtures can create a customized look and feel.

Custom mirror

Adding a frame to your bathroom mirror can make the space feel complete and rich. If you’re handy with wood and basic tools, you could even create the frame yourself.

Most Desirable Bathroom Luxuries: $$$

Heated floor

Electric in-floor heating mats are installed under the tile, creating a comfortable, warm floor beneath your guest’s feet. The average cost to install 100 square feet of heated flooring is $600.

Jet tub

Adding a jet tub to your guest bathroom may mean your guests never want to leave. This luxurious staple in any spa bathroom not only promotes relaxation, but also helps improve blood circulation and provides relief to sore muscles and joints.

Digital shower

Make your shower completely customizable with digital control. Install a rainhead, body sprays or steam feature—nearly any characteristic you can think of to enhance your bathroom experience. In addition, digital showers eliminate the bulkiness of handles and knobs, making your shower an uncluttered space.

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