Three Reasons to Get a Pipe Inspection Before Fall

A pipe inspection is performed by a professional plumber and gives you an inside look at your pipes. It reveals any cracks, clogs, invasive tree roots and more. Although many home maintenance projects are completed in the spring, a pipe inspection is better done before fall begins.

Wha is a Pipe Inspection?

When you schedule a pipe inspection with a professional plumber, the company will complete a thorough inspection of the outside and inside of your pipes. By accessing an existing entrance into your plumbing system, the plumber can insert a high-resolution camera into the pipe. The plumber will guide the camera through the system to reveal buildup from grease, waste and other debris, as well as small cracks and invasive tree roots.

The live video feed gives a look at your plumbing system that you can’t access in any other way. It can also get a better glimpse of a problem, like a clog or cracked pipe. The camera can then be used to get an “after” look at any repairs or pipe cleaning services. This ensures the job was done correctly and can offer helpful solutions.

Why Get a Pipe Inspection?

There are several benefits to having a yearly pipe inspection performed on your plumbing system, but three specific reasons to have the service performed ahead of the fall season include:

  • Detect Small Issues: A pipe inspection can detect small plumbing problems that could otherwise go unnoticed. The plumber has the opportunity to treat the problem before it evolves into a plumbing emergency.
  • Holidays: The busiest day of the year for plumbers is Black Friday. After a day of Thanksgiving foods, guests and many bathroom breaks, homeowners often find themselves with clogged drains. Holidays are often filled with many more house guests than normal, causing the plumbing system to work overtime. By scheduling your pipe inspection now, you can rid your pipes of any small clogs or grease build up that could cause a holiday plumbing problem.
  • Freezing Temperatures: Just beyond the fall season lays frigid winter temperatures, when pipes are one of the top culprits for plumbing problems. A fall pipe inspection means you’re aware of any small holes or cracks in your pipes and can make the necessary repairs before cold temperatures hit. Even a tiny problem can make your pipe vulnerable to bursting if the water freezes.

Be proactive with you plumbing system to ensure the pipes last as long as possible and your property is safe from damage caused by leaking or broken pipes.

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