The Best Toilet For Any Budget

Unless you’re a plumber, shopping for toilets isn’t likely your idea of fun. But a home improvement project, necessity or switch to a more energy-efficient lifestyle may have you browsing toilets online or in your local hardware store. With so many choices, it can be difficult to understand the differences between the most basic models and those that are equipped with more features.

Whether you’re hunting through options that allow you to save money or want to invest in a toilet that will help lower energy costs and last for decades, Kohler has a model to fit your needs.

Best Toilet On Tight Budget

The Wellworth is similar to many other toilets in that it uses roughly 1.6 gallons per flush, but what makes this toilet standout is its dual-flush options. Unlike most economical toilet options, the Kohler Wellworth has a Class Five flush technology and left-hand trip lever. The dual-toned trip lever uses just 1.1 gallons when selected. This toilet is a great option when you’re working with a tight budget but don’t want to cut corners on quality and efficiency.

Best Toilet For Saving Water

The Kohler Highline Classic uses just one gallon of water per flush, and with a price tag that beats out most other water-saving toilets, the value is hard to beat. You can expect to use up to 30% less water with this toilet than you will with other models. This is also a great choice for smaller powder rooms as the smaller seat saves on floor space.

Best Toilet For Easy Cleaning

If you have a large family but would rather avoid cleaning the toilets every Saturday, the Kohler Memoirs can make keeping the toilet clean much easier. The flush design of this toilet fills the bowl with water quickly to retain a clean interior. Water is dispersed along all edges of the bowl to wash away waste. Plus, this toilet has less exposed sealing around the flapper to prevent leaks.

Best Toilet When Looks Matter

For the bathroom with a décor style all its own, the Kohler Kathryn model will not disappoint. This upscale seat offers a touch of modern design with sharp lines and geometric elements on the base and tank. But the toilet isn’t all looks. The canister bowl uses the Aqua Piston technology to circulate the water all around the bowl, removing waste more efficiently than other models.

Best Toilet When Only The Best Will Do

For those with a healthy budget and upscale taste, the Kohler Veil is the toilet to buy. The heated seat keeps this toilet comfortable and the integrated bidet wand keeps you feeling clean. This intelligent toilet has a dual flush that uses less than a gallon per flush when the energy-efficient option is used. The tankless design can be connected directly to your water supply.

Kohler toilets range from budget-friendly to high-tech. Whether you’re replacing your toilet in a plumbing emergency or building a home from scratch, these choices will help you decide what matters most at your price point.

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