Snaking or Hydro Jetting: Which Is Better For Clogged Drains?

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems in residential and commercial pipes. The cost to clear those drains can vary greatly depending on the professional drain cleaning method you choose.

DIY drain cleaning methods are a popular choice for homeowners. However, chemical-laden drain cleaners and other at-home methods can cause more damage, which would cost much more than hiring a professional plumber to complete the job.

Why DIY Drain Cleaning is Dangerous

Using a chemical-based drain cleaner on your plumbing can wreak havoc on your pipes. Use of the cleaner regularly overtime will speed up the corrosion process in your pipes, creating weak areas susceptible to cracks and holes. The toxic chemicals eat away at the pipe material, shortening the lifespan of your system and increasing the chances of a leaking pipe.

Unlike professional drain cleaning methods that remove the blockage completely, DIY methods simply push the problem deeper into the pipe, which is what causes recurring issues.

Professional Drain Cleaning Methods

If you’re battling ongoing clogs, continue to have a sewage smell seeping from your drain or fear tree roots may be invading your underground pipes, it’s time to turn to professional drain cleaning. As grease, oils and soap and hair debris are washed down the drain, they begin to coat the inner walls of your pipes. Eventually, the diameter of the pipe lessens, and clogs form frequently because debris constantly gets caught in the buildup. Depending on your situation, there are two popular types of cleaning methods: hydro jetting and snaking.

Hydro jetting is typically used for large clogs, like a sewer main blockage, or to remove years of buildup left throughout the plumbing system. By harnessing the power of extreme water pressure, hydro jetting technology can remove years of buildup, clogs and debris from your pipes. A hose with a rotating head is guided through your plumbing, which forces water out of numerous jets to clean every inch of your pipes. Depending on the condition of your pipes, hydro jetting services cost between $350–$600.

Snaking is a drain cleaning method often used for smaller clogs. A malleable cable is topped with a device that can tear the clog apart or grab it and remove it completely from the pipe. Plumbers often attempt the snaking method first, as it’s a more efficient and cost-effective drain cleaning technique. Snaking typically costs $100­–$250.

Proactive Drain Cleaning

Most plumbing systems are designed to last for 60 years or longer, but the pipes must be properly maintained. Professional drain cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent plumbing emergencies and extend the life of your system. Hydro jetting and snaking services are both environmentally friendly, so scheduling the service annually is safe for your pipes and your community.

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