Is Your Water Pressure Too High?

From doing the laundry and watering the lawn to showering and getting a glass of water, water pressure plays a role in many of the daily activities we complete around the house. If your home’s water pressure isn’t balanced, it can cause some challenges.

Most fixtures and appliances operate efficiently from a water pressure of 80 pounds per square inch (PSI). Having accurate water pressure ensures that your appliances and pipes can operate smoothly.

What causes high water pressure?

Detecting high water pressure can be done several different ways. Homes with high water pressure often deal with leaking faucets, even after you repair or replace the fixture. A Pressure Reducing Valve is frequently used to regulate the faucet’s water pressure. You can either install the piece yourself or have a professional plumber complete the job.

For every 10 feet of elevation, water pressure weighs roughly five pounds, so depending on where your home is positioned can play a part in your water pressure. For example, if your municipality’s water tower is positioned on a hill, and your home is located in a low-lying area, your water pressure will naturally be higher than other places.

If you live in a rural area, you’re likely receiving your water through a pump set up by a local water company. Your home is located too far away from the city to receive water directly, so the pump helps facilitate water into your home. These pumps can often cause high water pressure.

Signs of high water pressure

Calling your local professional plumber is the best way to determine if you’re dealing with high water pressure. Some of the most common signs of high water pressure include:

  1. Noisy pipes: High water pressure often causes banging in the pipes.
  2. Running toilets: Several factors can cause a toilet to run, like a leak or age, but high water pressure can be a contributing factor.
  3. Leaking faucets: If faucets leak only when other water-reliant appliances are being used (shower, dishwasher, washing machine), high water pressure may be the culprit.

Is high water pressure bad?

Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve is one of the most efficient ways to help regulate your water pressure. It’s most beneficial to install the piece at your water meter where water enters your home. The valve helps regulate water pressure, which extends the life of your plumbing, water heater and appliances. The valve can also help stabilize the water pressure, which is especially helpful if you notice a change in pressure throughout the day.

If left untreated, your high water pressure issue could cause the joints in your pipes to wear quickly and unexpectedly leak. Your appliances might breakdown before their time and leaking fixtures can cause a spike in your monthly water bill.

Contact your local professional plumber to determine how you can best control the water pressure in your home.

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