Six top bathroom design trends for 2018

Bathroom design trends--edited (1)How do you make the most out of your bathroom? Considering it is the place where you start and end your day, you want an environment that’s comfortable, yet practical. However, selecting the right features for your bathroom can be difficult.

Although they are relatively small spaces, bathrooms serve many functions and have endless design possibilities. Understanding the latest design trends will help you create a space that you can fall in love with while obtaining optimum efficiency.

There are two specific areas to look at to achieve your ideal space: technology and traditional decor.

Implementing technology

Technology has made our lives easier, from smartphones that connect us to the world to smart cars that assist us in getting where we need to go. Why not bring smart technology to your bathroom as well?

Smart showers

Many bathroom appliances have Bluetooth, wireless and/or energy-saving capabilities.

Want background music while singing in the shower? Smart showers pump out your favorite tunes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Need additional temperature control? Those same showers can adjust water temperature on the fly to keep the median temperature right where you want it.

Water gauges

Do you enjoy relaxing in a steaming hot bath? Then invest in a tub gauge like the TSC-450. This gauge monitors your water temperature so you don’t have to. Go grab a glass of wine from the kitchen and come back to a perfectly drawn bath.

Water-saving toilets

What about efficiency? This is where toilets shine. This Tresham® Comfort Height® toilet sports both extreme water efficiency at 1.28 gallons per flush and a beautiful one-piece design.

Heated floors and linens

For a luxurious experience, install underfloor heating. There’s nothing like exiting a hot shower or bath and having your bare feet land on warm floors. If you can’t install a heating system under your floors, go for a heated mat. You’ll get the same warmth without the pain of installation.

A hanging towel warmer will add to your cozy experience. Whether it’s getting ready for the start of a long day or relaxing before bed, a warm towel may be just the thing to help you transition from the shower to your next task.

Implementing style

Tile, tubs and vanities are the items that anchor the bathroom. As such, these items have the greatest impact in a stylish environment.

Vessel sinks and storage

Vessel sinks, like this sleek Florence model, are the vanities of the future. Mostly seen in commercial design, these countertop-sitting sinks are becoming more and more popular in residential deisgn as well. And what’s not to love? The unique models add so much more character to the bathroom than a traditional sink. Plus, they free up more room for storage.

Floating tubs

Floating bathtubs may be reminiscent of days gone by. But whether your style is Victorian, industrial or contemporary, you can find a floating bathtub to suit your taste.

This Taylor acrylic bathtub perfectly fits a modern design with a symmetrical shape and a delicate outer lip.

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