Designing a timeless kitchen

Designing a timeless kitchenYou likely know that the kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in your home when it comes to resale value. As one of the biggest selling points of a home, it has the ability to increase—or decrease—the worth of your property.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, it’s important to think about how your design will look 10 or 20 years down the road should you decide to sell. Here are three main things to keep in mind when designing a kitchen that will stand the test of time.


For a cabinet style that won’t become dated, simple is best.

Shaker cabinets are the go-to for a modern look that won’t fade over time. This type of cabinet is characterized by recessed panels and has a history that dates back 300 years. They are sleek yet classic and ideal for any kitchen design that’s meant to be long-lasting.

White cabinets may seem too simple, but its basic and bright qualities are perfect for a timeless kitchen. As for hardware, polished chrome or silver is the way to go.


Choose marble or quartz for your countertops and you’ll never regret it. Known for their beauty and durability, these materials are well worth their cost.

While granite is the most popular choice, quartz requires less maintenance and marble has a more contemporary look for those with modern tastes.


Hardwood is the standard for flooring and is every kitchen designer’s top choice. The color of hardwood can be customized, allowing you to bring in warmth and depth.

Another benefit of hardwood is its ability to match any style, whether traditional or contemporary. As with countertops, hardwood floors are an expense well worth the investment.

Other things to consider


While it can be tempting to overspend on appliances, they’re not the longest lasting element of your kitchen. It’s often assumed they’ll go with you when you move so they don’t add the same value to your home as other elements.


Closed-off kitchens are a thing of the past. Open layouts are for kitchens of the present and future. Be careful not to sacrifice too much storage space for openness when redesigning, however.

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