Six gadgets that will transform your home in 2018

Six gadgets that will transform your home in 2018Whether you’re in need of stronger security or a better night’s sleep or just want your home to work with the push of a button or the sound of your voice, give these six gadgets a try.

1. Blink Indoor Camera System │ $99

The Blink Indoor Camera System is a complete home security setup without the monthly subscription fees. The cameras immediately begin recording whenever they sense movement in a room, and you can watch the video in real time with the Blink app or save it to your phone for later viewing. Alerts go straight to your cell phone and the battery lasts for up to two years.

2. Edyn │ $99

Whether your green thumb supports a windowsill herb garden or a backyard oasis, the Edyn Garden Sensor can help your plants grow healthy and strong. Edyn monitors your soil and lets you know when moisture or nutrition is lacking. The tool will also give you tips on how to grow the best plants.

3. Keen Home Smart Vent │ $79

Depending on the age of your home or how your house is positioned in regards to the sun rising and setting, one room in your house may constantly be too cool or too warm. The Keen Home Smart Vent is designed to regulate the temperature throughout your home by radio communication. The faceplates work with any existing vent and can save you tons on your utility bill.

4. Amazon Echo │ $180

Home voice assistants will grow in popularity even more in 2018. The Amazon Echo can quickly become your home’s hub, allowing you to keep track of your schedule, read recipes, control lights and more just by speaking. The Amazon Echo app allows you to program your home’s lights as well as any Nest devices you might have.

5. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt │ $229

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is the newest way to secure your home, monitor who comes and goes and avoid getting locked out ever again. The deadbolt connects to Apple’s HomeKit, a free app for Apple devices, allowing Siri to lock or unlock the door for you. The lock works with codes, so you can monitor when the kids come and go using their individual code, create a temporary code for the house sitter or let the dog walker in from your office.

6. Sleep Number It Bed │starting at $1,000

With DualAir adjustability, you’ll never freeze while your partner sweats through the night. The customizable bed tracks your body movements, heart rate, breathing and more. Plus, you can adjust the firmness on your side for the best night’s sleep possible.

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