How paint can breathe new life into just about anything

How paint can transform just about anythingInstead of throwing out your old dining room table or dresser, grab a couple gallons of paint and breathe new life into it.

A bold new color can transform nearly any piece of decor, making rooms more vibrant and allowing you to enjoy your old pieces again for years to come. Here are just a few ways paint can transform each room in your home.


Whether you’re prepping to sell your home or just want to liven up the curb appeal, a fresh color on your front door can make an extraordinary difference. The most popular front door colors are gray, charcoal and navy blue according to Zillow, but depending on your home’s style and color, other shades to consider are red, orange, yellow, teal or light green (great for a cottage look!).


If you have an old dresser or thrift store beauty, a coat of paint can make it look new again. Brighten up the room with a light shade of blue or lilac, or keep things simple with white or black paint and new handles or knobs.


Make an accent mirror fit your motif with some spray paint. Be sure to use painters tape and paper to cover the glass while painting, or transform it into a calendar or organizational tool for your kitchen with chalkboard paint.


Tired of the light wood or white stools sitting at your kitchen island? Spice them up with a can of gold or silver spray paint.

Lamp or light fixture

Whether or not you can paint a lamp or light fixture depends on the surface material, but thrift store finds or generational hand-me-downs can become the focal point of a room with a bit of fresh paint. Consider a new shade for your outdoor lighting—porch lights, lanterns, or desk candles—as well instead of spending money on replacements.

Flower pots

Too often the only color option for flower pots or beds is green or burnt orange. Make your garden (or just your window box) stand our with an unexpected color like mauve, charcoal grey, lime green, or grab some tape and get creative with stripes.

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