Plumbing innovations for 2018 and beyond

kohler-bathroom-innovationWe get it—when you think about shopping for cutting edge technology, your local plumbing supply showroom may not be the first place that comes to mind.

Yet the U.S. boom in single-family housing construction—more than 800,000 new build permits for single-family homes were issued in August alone—is creating a demand for plumbing fixtures at annual 5% growth rate that is forecast to continue through 2021.

This growth is helping to propel a lot of plumbing innovations. Here are a few.


As the demand for unique plumbing fixtures rises, the finishes on these products become more like artwork. A champagne polished nickel or titanium finish on faucets gives your bathroom a rich look and feel.


New homebuyers want something that differentiates their house from the one next door. Innovative styles in plumbing fixtures offer just that opportunity. Todays’ open-handle and vintage designs are a change from the sleek, high-arching fixtures that have been so prevalent in years past.


Toilets with a strong flush and those that create electrolyzed water are in high demand as water conservation and chemical usage becomes a concern for homeowners. In 2017, Kohler introduced Revolution 360™ swirl flushing that offers a powerful flush without wasting water, and the company’s CleanCoat™ technology means bacteria won’t stick to the toilet seat so you’re family stays clean and healthy.


A sculpted sink can act as the focal point of your bathroom. They are available with deep basins and a variety of materials and colors to fit any style.

Digital showers

Advancements in technology continue to change the way we shower. From a rainhead to body sprays, your shower is completely customizable to your preferences. In addition, digital showers eliminate the bulkiness of handles and knobs, making your shower an uncluttered space.

Water heaters

While it’s not a visual element of your home’s plumbing, your hot water heater is essential, and new advances can save you money on your power bill. Tankless heaters, or on-demand water heaters, are some of the most efficient, only turning on when hot water is needed (older models keep water hot 24-7, a constant drain on your power bill.)

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