Is your home ready for a touchless toilet?

touchless-toilet-kohlerBathrooms are notoriously germy places, especially when dealing with the toilet. Touchless toilets, now frequently seen in public restrooms, are a great solution to one of the most germ-filled places in the home.

With new and more readily available technology, it’s surprisingly easy to bring the convenience of a touchless toilet into your own home.

Install a new touchless toilet

If you are already considering redoing or upgrading your bathroom, now may be the perfect time to install a brand new touchless toilet. While these toilets may come with a slightly higher price tag than a traditional toilet, the luxury and germ-free convenience may well win you over.

Once installed, you and your guests will simply have to wave your hand over the sensor on the toilet tank. No longer will you have to touch a toilet handle in your own home.

Upgrade your existing toilet

If you don’t want to buy a brand new toilet right away, or you first want to test what it’s like to own a touchless toilet at home, there are still options available . Kohler has created a touchless toilet flush kit that you can install on almost any toilet you already own.

This affordable and easy to install kit can transform your current traditional toilet to an innovative touchless toilet. Just like with an actual touchless toilet, this kit allows you to flush your toilet with just a wave of your hand.

A touchless toilet can be a great way to upgrade your bathroom and slip a bit of luxury into your lifestyle. With several options available to fit your current needs and budget, a touchless toilet can now be a reality in anyone’s home. Leave the germs behind and create a cleaner and more innovative bathroom in your own home.

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