How to create more counter space even in a small kitchen

How to create more counter space even in a small kitchenEven if your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry or walls lined with endless cabinet space, you can still make everything you need fit neatly with a few simple hacks.

Whether you got a new kitchen gadget or you’re just trying to clear more room for meal prep, here are eight ways to create more counter space.

Windowsill for storage

If you need more space, windowsills aren’t just for small herb gardens. Use the space to hold your collection of cookbooks, kitchen canisters or carafes.

Make drawer space count

No more “junk drawer” in the kitchen. Make all the space you have count, even with the smallest drawers. From spices and silverware to utensils and dry goods, if it fits into a drawer, use that space to hold all the essentials.

Storage in high spaces

Use the space above your cabinets to store bigger items, like pots, pans, and small appliances. You’ll have easy access to the essentials you use more often and it’s space that you don’t have to alter to use.

Shelf stacker

Use a shelf stacker to create added space inside the cabinet or on the kitchen counter. Stackers have a small footprint but expand your space vertically, allowing you to stack more items.

Burner covers

Use burner covers to create a workspace on your stove. Use the area to prep food and simply remove the covers to cook your dinner.

Wall shelves

Even if you have adequate counter space, you may just keep frequently used items out so they’re within reach. Clear your kitchen counters by adding wall shelves. Move everything from plates and spices to canned goods and kitchen gadgets to the shelves so they’re still easily accessible without taking up counter space.

Kitchen island

One of the best ways to create more space (but still be able to move) in a small kitchen is to add a mobile kitchen island. An island on wheels can offer massive amounts of storage space in addition to the work area on top. This is also a great way to get creative – build a custom kitchen island to fit your taste.

Use the inside of cabinet doors

Attach hooks or small containers to the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. Use them to store small items – measuring spoons, spices, or cleaning sponges – by adding space to a normally unusable area.

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