5 ways to fake a mudroom

5 ways to fake a mudroomA mess at the front door becomes even more obvious when there’s no closet to organize and hold everything.

If your home doesn’t have the space for a designated mudroom—somewhere to stash the shoes, coats, book bags and dog leash—here are five ways to reclaim the space you do have and keep the clutter under control.

1. Storage bench

You don’t need an entire room just to get organized. A small storage bench just inside your most used door can be a designated place for shoes, school books and the umbrella. Choose a trunk-style bench to keep smaller items out of sight, or opt for an open front bench that organizes everything into individual cubbyholes.

2. Pick a corner

Condos or smaller homes offer limited floor space, so get creative and use the wall for hanging. A line of hooks offers an easy place for coats and bags, while adding a basket or wooden crate is a decorative way to keep shoes in one place.

3. Hallway closet

Narrow hallways can be much more than a passageway from one room to the next. If your home has a large linen or coat closet in the hallway, the double doors can be removed to create a small make-shift mudroom. Add a bench or stools, storage baskets and a small chalkboard to keep track of your family’s weekly schedule.

4. Garage hideaway

The garage can be so much more than a home for your car or a place to store tools and holiday décor. Choose an area near the door leading into your home for coat hooks, overhead shelving and storage benches. Define the space with indoor/outdoor rugs and add a photo or a couple of plants to finish it off.

5. Beneath the stairs

If you live in a townhouse or multi-level home, the space beneath the stairs is the perfect spot for a mudroom. Remove the door (if there is one) and expand the opening, then install cabinets, benches and hook boards. Add wallpaper or a splash of color with paint – opt for stain resistant and washable – to blend the mudroom in with the rest of your home.

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