How a camera inspection can improve plumbing

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the stuff you flush down the toilet or wash down the drain? In an ideal setting, you’re only disposing of waste that is biodegradable and won’t hurt your plumbing, but life isn’t always so easy. Disposing of toiletries like dental floss, cotton balls and baby wipes can easily create clogs. As drains begin to release more slowly and toilets don’t flush as efficiently, you’re experiencing warning signs that all is not right in your pipes.

Importance of routine plumbing maintenance

Just as you have routine maintenance performed on your vehicle, like oil changes and tire rotations, the same should be done for your plumbing. Your pipes get a lot of use, and overtime, natural corrosion, waste buildup or small cracks can form. By partnering with a professional plumber for routine plumbing maintenance, you’ll be able to detect small issues before they become large scale repairs.

Part of your annual plumbing checklist should be to schedule a sewer camera inspection. The camera inspection offers a live view of the inside of your pipes. By performing this service, your local plumber can identify clogs, cracks, buildup, invasive tree roots and much more.

What is a plumbing camera inspection?

The professional plumber will insert a rod or malleable cable into an existing opening in your plumbing. A waterproof, high-resolution camera is attached to the end of the cable. As the cable is maneuvered through your system, a live feed is being streamed to the plumber. He can see any corrosion caused by age or use and can specifically locate any clogs in the system. Once the camera inspection is complete, the plumber can recommend any necessary repairs or maintenance work that will help your pipes perform more efficiently.

After the work is done, a follow up camera inspection is performed to give you a before and after look at the condition of your pipes. The secondary inspection also reveals any issues that couldn’t be seen because of buildup on the pipes, like small cracks or tree roots that have grown into your plumbing.

When to get a camera inspection

While camera inspections are a good yearly maintenance service, there are other times it could be useful.

  • Home Purchase: Even if the home isn’t that old, you never know what the previous owners did or didn’t do to maintain the plumbing. Have a camera inspection performed to reveal any major issues that you’ll want addressed before buying the property.
  • Continuous Clogs: If you’re constantly plunging or pouring drain cleaners down the tub, a camera inspection can reveal a bigger problem is lingering in your system.
  • Sewage Smells: Unpleasant odors can seep from your drains when clogs and blockages occur. Use a camera inspection to determine what’s filling your bathrooms and kitchen with foul odors.

A camera inspection can be budget-friendly and may save you money in the long run by preventing emergency plumbing repair needs.

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