Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

GettyImages-682477604Ready to knock it out of the park with your kitchen renovation? We’ve scoured the web in search of the hottest design trends so you don’t have to. Impress visitors to your new kitchen with style and panache!

Stay Organized

First and foremost, kitchen upgrades should be about improving the usability of the space. and if there’s one thing you’re always short of in the kitchen it’s more storage.

Nip this problem in the bud with pullouts, rollouts and extra-deep drawers for dishes, crockery, pots and pans.

Sterility isn’t Just for the Hospital

Bold can be beautiful, but the most common color palette for modern kitchens is white or off-white (eggshell, cream, beige or gray). Nothing looks cleaner than a white kitchen—but remember that keeping a white kitchen sparkling clean is part of the equation.

Those not content with a white color scheme might opt for color-block schemes to contrast light countertops and cabinets. Green is in for 2017 as well as dark gray or even black.

A Space to Chill

The rise of the open-concept kitchen slash family room floor plan is changing the way we think about the space. Instead of being a dedicated work space, the kitchen is now an active gathering area.

Adding furniture pieces that wouldn’t normally belong in a kitchen is a great way to make the room more welcoming and meld it together with the rest of your home. Along the same lines, it’s not uncommon these days to hang a flatscreen TV as part of a kitchen makeover.

Dedicated Wine Storage

With each passing year American homeowners become more epicurean. Adding unique wine storage or even a built-in wine refrigerator takes your culinary dreams to the next level.

There’s no reason that an amateur chef should have amateur wine storage. A gorgeous exposed wine rack can add utility and glamor to any kitchen.

Down with Tradition?

Traditional kitchen style is slowly being taken over by contemporary and even industrial motifs. Would be restaurateurs are loving a kitchen that feels more like a chic New York gastro-pub and less like grandma’s place.

The one exception is the farmhouse. While hardly a new concept, farmhouse style is popular in suburban homes wanting to create an ambiance that’s more country and less urban.

Mountain Modern

Imagine the kitchen theme at an upscale ski retreat in Colorado. Now, transpose these basic design concepts to your kitchen at home.

Think “lodge” and not “cabin”: Concrete countertop. Thick, rustic wood features. Hardwood floors. Big windows and tons of natural light.

Coffee Stations

Gone are Folger’s Crystals forever. Today’s homeowner owns several different types of coffee brewing apparatuses. Why not include a space to house and utilize this equipment properly?

Bye-Bye Kitchen Table

Who would ever have envisioned a future where the kitchen table is obsolete? It’s here, and it’s called a gourmet food prep island with seating for the whole family.

Upscale Appliances

As Americans take cooking more seriously, it only makes sense that we’d upgrade the capabilities of our basic kitchen tools. High-end refrigerators and ovens offer high-end features that will revolutionize meal prep.

Across the board, trends point to the kitchen of tomorrow being a much more gourmet affair. As our gastronomical abilities improve, so will our desire to have all the good stuff available to top chefs—right there in the comfort of our own homes.

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