8 Must Haves for a Truly Designer-Quality Bath

GettyImages-497127908Upgrading to a sumptuous home spa can transform your daily routine. Instead of the bathroom being a place to bathe and “do your business,” it becomes a space to relax, get away and escape from stress and worries.

And while a lavish soaking tub, rainwater shower head and soothing body sprays are the first luxuries you’d think to include in your design scheme, not all designer upgrades are so obvious. Here are eight ideas to elevate your bath to the next level and beyond.

1. Elegant Tile

High-quality paint, laminate or wallpaper can absolutely replace low-quality tile. But no wall or floor covering can hold a candle to the sophistication of high-end tilework. Tile is smooth, classy and luxurious. Plus, floor to ceiling coverage means you won’t have to worry about splashing water on the walls.

2. High-End Toilet

On the surface it may seem wasteful to spend money on an expensive toilet when those funds could be used for upgrading “fun” pieces such as lighting or plumbing fixtures.

But you likely only feel that way because you’ve never owned a high-end toilet. A quality toilet won’t leak, is easier to clean, continues to look new for years to come and provides simple lines for a more contemporary look.

3. Custom Vanity

Whether you refurbish an antique armoire with vessel sinks or invest in a custom-built masterpiece, no designer bathroom will ever feature a stock vanity. Along with lighting, the vanity is one of the few pieces in the room where you can get truly creative and think outside the box.

4. Heated Floors

In-floor radiant heating ensures your home spa getaway stays cozy 365 days a year. The technology is surprisingly affordable, especially given that this heating technique is very energy efficient.

5. A Feature Wall

Choose a wall, any wall, and make it pop. If money is no object, consider a gorgeous stone slab. Other options include a tile mosaic or floor to ceiling mirrors.

6. A Touch of Nature

A potted plant or fern adds warmth to your bath and makes the space feel comforting and inviting.

Depending on your climate, a small cactus or bonsai tree are great options that require very minimal care. Some homeowners simply adore the smell of fresh cut flowers from the garden.

7. Statement Lighting

A well-planned bathroom lighting scheme balances the need for ambient, task and accent lighting. But a luxury designer bath features a fourth element: A statement making chandelier or pendant hung purely for aesthetics.

8. Unlimited Storage

A lavish bathroom needs plenty of extra space to store oversized fluffy towels, bathrobes, candles, essential oils, bath salts and all the extra goodies you need to unwind and escape.

You may not equate storage with luxury but it’s hard to relax in a room filled with clutter!

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