A simple guide to the top faucet manufacturers

Anyone who has visited Consolidated Plumbing Supply’s 3,500 foot showroom in Westchester County knows that the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to picking out new faucets and fixtures for your kitchen or bath.

It’s easy to wind up suffering from choice paralysis.

Here’s a simple guide to some of the top manufacturers to help you narrow down the field.

The blue chips

If you’re looking for a big name brand backed by years of research, quality testing and warranty, it’s hard to overlook the industry’s big boys in faucets: Delta, Kohler and Brizo.

All three companies provide a wide range of product lines from affordable quality all the way up to high-end luxury. Sure, you might not find the same “one-of-a-kind” uniqueness you get with the boutique brands but you can never go wrong with the most experienced faucet manufacturers in the business.


The industry leader in quality control and testing. All new designs are turned off and on a whopping 500,000 times to ensure a lifetime of leak-free performance. This is in addition to more than 100 inspections by hand.

The company’s signature technologies include Touch2O, diamond sealed valves and highly efficient water usage.


Bringing more than 100 years of manufacturing experience to the table (they’ve been around since 1911), there’s nothing that Kohler hasn’t seen. Kohler is popular with discerning but budget-minded consumer as well as those willing to pay for cutting edge technology.

Incredible features such as Temperature Memory make it possible to set your kitchen tap at your ideal warmth and your faucet will automatically adjust to return to a previously used temperature range.


Brizo is ideal for those willing to pay a little more for modern lines and exquisite style without having to jump up into the boutique range. While every Brizo faucet performs masterfully and reliably, this manufacturer puts a little more emphasis on form and style than their counterparts.

You won’t find a single Brizo faucet that doesn’t exude glamor and fashion.

Boutique specialists

For homeowners who value individuality and exclusivity, Consolidated Plumbing Supply works with a wide range of luxury marques. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these companies before—we only work with the most reputable brands.

Here are three of our most popular lines:


For water efficiency and eco-friendly technologies, it’s hard to be better than Riobel. Their GREEN line exceeds the standards set for WaterSense designation.

Based out of the Montréal suburb of Saint-Jérôme, Riobel has been around for more than twenty years, focusing their business model on innovation and advancing know-how in water conservation.

California Faucets

Old World panache meets American ingenuity—that’s California Faucets.

Every faucet produced offers a distinct Italian flavor melded with modern lines and chic artisan finishes.

Water Décor

For high-end futuristic-looking faucets, Water Décor is a fantastic choice. Not only does their standard product line feature designs unlike anything else on the market, they offer the rare opportunity to have fixtures custom designed.

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