5 retro kitchen design ideas coming back into style

retro kitchen
While everyone else is looking to the “kitchen of the future,” you can steal the show with Old School Cool. Here are five great elements from Grandma’s kitchen that work great in a cutting edge retro design.

Easy to clean with a chef’s twist

Back in the 1950s it wasn’t uncommon to see stainless steel countertops. Why not? It’s strong, affordable, insanely durable and very easy to keep clean.

While you might want to pass on the turquoise cabinetry and wood paneling that often went along with this motif, there are plenty of ways to bring stainless steel back without looking dated.

Imagine a restaurateur’s kitchen at home. The world’s greatest cooks prepare their masterpieces on stainless steel, and you can, too. Give your home kitchen a mini-commercial feel. From hanging pots to industrial strength mixers and restaurant-grade cooling, it’s the perfect look for any wannabe chef!

Black and white

Consider a look reminiscent of the Great American Diner. From checkerboard floors to wall tiles and antique prep equipment, a minimalist black and white color scheme with a purposefully dated look will surely set your kitchen apart.

The only challenge here is that you’ve got to go full-steam-ahead. Your sink, tap, oven and fridge will all need to be decidedly “retro” to pull this look off.

If you’ve got the space, consider a built in breakfast nook with red vinyl stools and plenty of chrome!

Back to the farmhouse

An apron-front sink by Kohler can transform your kitchen into a memory from your childhood. The classic look of enamel-plated cast iron is easy to clean and sets the tone for the entire room.

An antique-style faucet completes your centerpiece.

Holy Brady Bunch, Batman!

Let’s head back to the ‘70s. Back when bold colors weren’t just reserved for the paint can.

While you won’t want to go full “pea green,” it’s worth your while to check out some of the bright and exciting colors available in today’s refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers.

Don’t worry—you can pull this funky look off even without sideburns and bell bottoms.

Go industrial

Imagine a kitchen that embodies the best of a stylish 1960s New York City loft. From a rustic oven hood to visible piping and ductwork, simplicity and cast-iron cooking come together to bring the panache back from the grooviest decade in history.

Forego cabinet doors and stick with open shelf storage. Simple steel frames with natural wood shelving can simultaneously evoke feelings of simplicity and class.

The end-all be-all

Remember that the tough thing about going retro is that you almost always need to carry the theme all the way through to get the most out of your statement.

That being said, if you’re willing to make the commitment, you can easily craft the most interesting and thought-provoking kitchen in the neighborhood by browsing through those old Better Homes & Gardens mags cluttering up your garage!

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