Weekend warrior bathroom remodeling ideas

Easy-bathroom-projectsCreating a new look in your bathroom doesn’t require thousands of dollars and a demolition team. Even if you have only one weekend, a few bucks, and a can of paint, you can customize your space into a modern retreat.

Take the time to plan ahead, incorporate the tips and tricks below, and in just two days, your weekend bathroom remodel will be complete.

Perfectly posh bathroom remodel

If your goal is to create an upgraded look with spa-like features, try out some of these simple ideas.

  • Frame the mirror: If your vanity mirror is in good shape, there’s no reason to throw it out. Frame the mirror with tile or a wooded border to create a rich look.
  • Elegant fixtures: Even a small bathroom is eligible for this upgrade. Swap out your sink and shower fixtures for a sleek, modern design. If you’re not sold on a particular color, opt for brushed nickel. This finish walks the line between silver and gold and matches nearly any cabinetry.
  • Towel warmer: If you want to create the ultimate at-home spa, go for an easy-to-install towel warmer. Most towel warmer racks hold multiple towels and are the perfect inexpensive luxury.
  • Wall hooks: Make your bathroom feel more spacious by changing out the traditional bar towel rack for wall hooks. Not only do the features look upscale, but they can be placed in inconspicuous places and give you opportunity to hang multiple towels or bathrobes.

Complete your posh look with a paint color from the grey or blue family. These calming colors create a great neutral backdrop and staying on the lighter side will keep the bathroom feeling spacious.

The utilitarian’s weekend bathroom renovation

If the functionality of your bathroom is lacking, these utilitarian enhancements can create more space and make the bathroom work for your needs.

  • Create more storage: If your countertop is lined with beauty products, it’s time to create more space with a new vanity. Many units are available for under $500 and they not only offer more storage, but also create a new look for your bathroom.
  • Light it up: Many powder rooms or small bathrooms tend to feel dark and cramped. Swap out lighting fixtures to illuminate the space and create an aesthetically pleasing feature.
  • Energy efficient toilet: Just because it still works doesn’t mean your toilet shouldn’t be replaced. Modern toilets can save on water and energy costs.

The best way to ensure your bathroom works for your needs and is an enjoyable space is to consider where you want to spend your time and money before you begin. Planning your design and budget will help you stay on track and complete the job, rather than beginning the work week with half the space painted and tools lying in the sink.

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