Top Bathroom Trends To Look For In 2020

The average person spends an hour and 42 minutes in the bathroom each week. If you’re going to spend that much time in a private space, it should look and feel that way you want. Bathroom designs in 2020 are inspired by the past while keeping a modern approach to simplicity and open design. Whether you’re planning to build a new home in the coming year or update an older bathroom, check out these 2020 trends.

Standalone Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are consistently a high-end item requested in bathroom remodels and designs. In 2020, you’ll see standalone tubs and sinks that act as the focal point for a bathroom. While the tubs are typically larger than traditional bathtubs, you can be creative with the placement to integrate a standalone soaking tub into your space. Place the tub in the middle of the bathroom, against a wall or in the corner.

Minimalistic Fixtures

For bathrooms that make a statement by using a minimalist approach, fixtures that fit the theme are a must-have. Bathroom trends in 2020 will see the end of chrome fixtures and instead boast a color choice of black, gold, and brushed copper or shined copper. Pair the fixtures with a simple bathroom vanity and basic shelving to complete the look.

Bathroom Accent Walls

Add a punch of color or texture to a small powder room or large master with an accent wall. Designs in the New Year are leaning toward light yellow, pumpkin red and marbleized wallpaper. Bold colors can be overwhelming if used in a small space, so incorporate the colors softly. If you’re not up for painting your bathroom, use artwork or mirrors as accents.

Open Showers

An open shower design with glass doors is a more modern trend. The showers are often equipped with multi-functional tools and technology. Upgrade your shower experience with a misting system, steamer, temperature control, ambient lighting or anti-fog mirror. New bathroom designs will also include the standalone tubs in the shower area. A glass wall dividing the two makes the space look bigger.

Toned Down Tile

You won’t see designs that are too extravagant this year. Today’s modern tiles will include hues of black, gray and other neutral colors. If you prefer more of a pizazz, incorporate textured tiles into your bathroom space. Calm colors create an elegant look for any size bathroom.

Linear Lighting

The proper lighting can transform your bathroom. 2020 modern light fixtures will not only match the minimalist approach of other bathroom features, but the lighting also offers practicality and is aesthetically. Small chandeliers and pendant lights will take a backseat to lighting that’s integrated into the architecture of the space.

Integrate a couple of these modern trends into your current space for an updated 2020 feel.

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