Top 2019 bathroom trends

Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or just want to make a couple of upgrades for a more efficient space, 2019’s bathroom trends could be just what you need. From neutral colors to energy efficient toilets, updating your space can completely change the feel of the bathroom. Try these emerging trends to create your ideal room of relaxation.


Many homeowners are going for max space to create a spa like experience. For all the things done in the bathroom, it’s no surprise you’d like a little more room. If you don’t have any space to take from your master bedroom, you can create the illusion of more space with bigger floor tiles. Go for a lighter color (grays and warm whites are popular) to make the bathroom look bigger.

Blast From The Past

Vintage pieces are quickly emerging as one of the top décor styles in bathrooms. Try deep colored wood and brushed gold hardware to bring the look together. Patterned ceramic tile is a good flooring option for a vintage style.

Water Space

Separate your shower and tub from the rest of the bathroom with a partial glass wall, typically accented in gold or dark colors. An open area of the bathroom features the tub and shower, creating the ‘water space’ and adds to the illusion of a large bathroom.


As minimalism continues to gain headway, so does eliminating under sink storage in the world of bathrooms. Stick with the toiletry items you actually use and eliminate the accumulation of products you’ve had for years. Install open shelving to hold those must have items and remove the rest.

Statement Making Powder Rooms

Even the smallest of bathrooms are makeover-worthy in 2019. Bold wallpapers, ceramic tiles and concrete accent walls can turn a smaller space into an unexpected oasis. Add open shelving for any needed storage, but get rid of the bulky vanity that can crowd the room.

Smart Bathrooms

From radiant flooring to towel racks that warm, technology is merging with necessity to make bathrooms more enjoyable. Create a state-of-the-art experience by turning the shower digital. Know the day’s forecast or control the temperature from a mirror integrated touchscreen. Your smart bathroom can work as hard as you to prepare you for the day ahead.


Toilets that perform with optimal efficiency step front and center in 2019. The Kohler Memoirs® Stately two-piece elongated toilet offers considerable water saving with a canister flush feature at 1.28 GPF. The quiet flush means you won’t disturb anyone in the middle of the night.

Exposed Hardware

Skip the unsightly PVC piping and embellish your bathroom with brushed gold or copper piping that adds to an antique look and offers more space. What used to be common in older estate homes is now making a comeback in a modern way.

Making small changes to your bathroom can lead to big improvements. Merge the top trends from our list to create your own stylish, efficient bathroom.

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