The beauty of “boutique” plumbing brands

Part of the excitement surrounding a major kitchen or bathroom renovation is putting a personal stamp on the overall aesthetic of your home. A homeowner’s space should look and feel like something they designed. For a house to be a home, the ambience must match the owner’s personality.

Your home should reflect your persona and your unique sense of style—not someone else’s.

This is precisely why shopping at a Big Box hardware store for plumbing fixtures might be a huge mistake. If you’re looking for different, unique or cutting-edge, you’re not going to find it at Home Depot. The chain stores simply don’t stock the boutique brands.

A selection second to none

While run-of-the-mill quality faucet brands such as Kohler, Delta, Moen and Brizo sell dozens upon dozens of stylish, modern fixtures, these companies still design and market their products to “everybody.” Many of the boutique brands featured at the Consolidated Plumbing showroom specifically cater their products towards homeowners who are truly looking for something special to set their kitchen and bath apart.

For true selection and the ultimate breadth of choice, a plumbing supply warehouse simply can’t be beat.

If showing off your “one of a kind” kitchen or bath is important to you, you’ve absolutely got to go boutique.

Know what you’re getting

It’s rumored that many of the large manufacturers actually produce separate lines for selling at large discount stores and that these products contain lower quality accessories compared to those shipped to plumbing outlets.

With boutique brands you always know that the fixture you select is the top-of-the-line product for that particular range.

Boutique brands differentiate themselves on quality, not price, so there’s no need to worry about what’s “hiding” underneath the surface. Find the style you like and rest assured the “guts” are top notch.

Save money over the long haul

Boutique plumbing supplies may cost more up front, but spending on quality, easy to maintain fixtures is an investment that’ll pay dividends for the life of your home.

Inexpensive fixtures are more likely to leak, break, corrode or cause other problems. Aside from suffering unnecessary plumbing bills, the cost of repairing water damage can run into the thousands.

Added functionality

From hands free operation to eco-friendly green design, ergonomics and more, higher end faucets (particularly in the kitchen) can do a lot more than a simple handle and valve assembly.

The additional functionality afforded by specialty marques such as Riobel, Ginger or WaterDecor can truly transform your bath or kitchen experience.

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