Surprising places to find design inspiration


If you don’t want your living room to look like it came straight from the furniture store, you’ll need to draw inspiration from some unique places. Your home should be a reflection of what you find inspiring and comfortable. From salsa dancing to the Amazon rainforest, there are thousands of sources of inspiration. Here are some of our favorites.


If you’ve ever wished you could transport yourself into a character’s home, why not mimic the look in your own? From bold colors to rich leathers, if there’s a room you love from your favorite television show or the latest Netflix craze, recreate it in your own house.



Don’t live at the beach but want to feel like you do? Opt for a nautical theme or use cool colors with beach themed décor. Finding inspiration in nature doesn’t mean you have to fill your kitchen with plants – it’s about recreating the feeling you get when in certain parts of nature. Like the freedom and calmness you feel while hiking or the energy you get from spending the day on the lake in a kayak. Use colors, art and lighting to help recreate that feeling in your home.


If you would love to spend every waking moment wrapped up in a good book or you go to any and every sporting event you can – take inspiration from those pastimes. While we’re not necessarily recommending you turn your kitchen into a shrine to the Pittsburg Steelers, use colors or sport themes – bar stools at the breakfast bar, artwork in the man cave or a foosball coffee table – to influence your design.


If you could have easily fit into the Victorian era, highlight your living room with high back sofas, detailed woodwork and gold accents. The use of chandeliers, oriental rugs and rich woods will fill your home with the Victorian style.

Foreign influence

Whether you enjoy the sleek, modern lines often found in German homes or the bold colors that adorn Indian living rooms, there’s an element from around the world that’s sure to fit your style. Don’t feel boxed in by what you find at the standard furniture store. If you love to travel, bring a piece of each of your adventures home to give a unique, collective feel to your home.


If patterns and textures must be a part of your décor, using subtle elements of animal print can bring a focal point to the room. Faux furs, prints and artwork are easy ways to bring your love of animals into your home. The key is to use one or two bold pieces in the room and surrounding them with solid, neutral colors to avoid guests mistaking your living room for a zoo.

Let your personal preferences influence your home’s style. Your living room, kitchen and bedroom should uniquely represent who you are. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold colors or one-of-a-kind pieces to transform your living space into a comfortable environment that you love to spend time in each day.



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