Spruce Up Your Landscaping with an Outdoor Shower

GettyImages-490177530There are many reasons to consider the installation of an outdoor shower: Rinsing off before hopping into the pool or hot tub, washing up after a day of dirty yard work or simply cooling off on a hot summer day.

An outdoor shower can add both beauty and utility to your garden, not to mention dollars to the value of your home. Here are a variety of outdoor shower concepts, from simple and easy all the way up to back yard luxury.

Small Decisions with Big Consequences

The first step when designing any outdoor shower is determining whether you’re after a fully-enclosed private space for “true” bathing (soap, shampoo, the whole nine yards) or an open-air shower for use with a bathing suit and not your birthday suit!

You’ll also have to decide if the structure will be covered with a roof. Should your shower be exposed to the elements, you’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing the shower head and other fixtures.

Stone Age

An all-stone outdoor shower is a great way to recreate the refreshing sensation of dipping your head under a waterfall.

The construction is simple: Build a 2/3 circle half-moon brick wall with stucco on the outside and dark slate slabs for the interior walls. Adorn the floor with river rock inlays and complete the experience with an overhead rainwater shower head.

Short and Sweet

Small backyard with little room for building? Not a problem. With a simple concrete or wooden post you can install a shower head on a pull-chain for a quick soak or a rinse of your feet.

No drain required—simply plant grass or another foot traffic-proof ground cover under the water flow.

A Vacation Escape

Recreate the soothing ambience of a Mexican holiday rental villa with a gorgeous Talavera tiled shower enclosure. Complete the look with copper or brass fixtures designed to age gracefully with the elements.

Add a burst of vibrant color to your outdoor space and be sure to implement plenty of terra cotta flower pots showcasing the most tropical looking plants that will grow in your local climate.

Scandinavian Style Luxury

Not sure you’ll get enough use out of a standard outdoor shower? Upgrade to a sumptuous cedar sauna or steam bath. Nothing warms up a cold winter chill quite like hot stones and soothing vapor.

Consolidated Plumbing Supply is proud to be an approved vendor of Steamist brand residential steam shower equipment. An outdoor steam room might just be your ticket to year-round relaxation.

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