Save precious bathroom space with Kohler’s new Veil™ toilet

new veilWhen square footage is at a premium in your bathroom, it’s time to strap on your thinking cap and create outside the box space saving solutions. That’s exactly what Kohler did with their new Veil™ wall-hung toilets.

In this post we’ll talk about what makes a Veil™ toilet different and why it might be the perfect choice for adding a little legroom to your bath or powder room.

When every inch counts a foot really matters

When installed, a wall-mounted toilet requires a full 12 inches less floor space compared to the average floor-mounted model. This is over one-third less room that you’ll have to give up in contrast to a traditional toilet.

A foot of extra wiggle room can make a huge difference. Say goodbye to whacking your shins on an open cabinet door, and you just might have enough extra room now for two people to use the bathroom at once.

How does it work? It still needs a tank, right?

The Veil’s tank and mounting hardware are installed out of sight behind the wall with the use of a durable 2″ x 6″ steel frame.

Kohler doesn’t skimp on the steel here, either. The in-wall tank and carrier system can support up to 880 pounds, guaranteeing the same longevity you expect out of any one of Kohler’s top-of-the-line models.

Sleek modern styling and more

Even if your bathroom’s not cramped for space you might want to consider a wall-hung toilet for added benefits.

1.    The hidden tank creates a more polished look and seamless design. With few wall-mounted toilets available on the market your home will feature one-of-a-kind modern flare.

2.    An adjustable bowl allows you to raise or lower the seat at installation to your preferred height. (15 3/8 to 28 ½ inches from the floor)

3.    Since no part of the porcelain touches the ground, cleaning underneath a Veil™ is fast and easy. No more grotty mildew stains where the base meets your flooring!

4.    The interchangeable flush-actuator plate allows you to swap out colors to match any design motif. Removing the plate provides quick and easy access to the tank’s inner-workings.

5.    A compact elongated bowl offers added comfort, and the Veil™ comes standard with Kohler’s Reveal® Quiet-Close™ seat technology.

WaterSense® approved for a cleaner environment

Savvy homeowners these days look for the WaterSense® label when shopping for new or replacement bathroom fixtures.

With a dual-flush actuator that alternates between a 0.8-gallon flush for light waste and a 1.6-gallon flush for bulk waste, your family can save up to 6,000 gallons of water each and every year. Waste not, want not.

For bathrooms big and small Kohler’s new wall-hung toilet technology is an absolute game changer. Check out the Veil™ when you’re ready to take your bath design to a new level.

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