What does hard water do to plumbing?

hard-water-and-plumbingHard water is present when the fresh water running into your home contains high levels of natural minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. Hard water isn’t bad for your health but can cause problems for your plumbing.

The amount of mineral deposits in your water can be measured to determine a hardness level, which is quantified through milligrams per liter. Understanding how hard water is classified can help you determine if you need to create a treatment plan to prevent damage to your appliances and plumbing. Continue reading

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Weekend warrior bathroom remodeling ideas

Easy-bathroom-projectsCreating a new look in your bathroom doesn’t require thousands of dollars and a demolition team. Even if you have only one weekend, a few bucks, and a can of paint, you can customize your space into a modern retreat.

Take the time to plan ahead, incorporate the tips and tricks below, and in just two days, your weekend bathroom remodel will be complete. Continue reading

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Avoid putting these down your garbage disposal

Waste-disposal-no-nosOddities in the garbage disposal can cause plumbing problems or damage your disposal, which isn’t easy to fix or cheap to replace.

To extend the life of your garbage disposal, avoid throwing these things down the drain. Continue reading

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Can I hang wallpaper in a bathroom?

bathroom-wallpaperYour bathroom may need to be decorated a little differently to other areas of your home. The moisture innate to the space can make certain features hard to pull off, which begs the question, “Can I hang wallpaper in the bathroom?”

While wallpaper has certainly come a long way bathroom conditions (moisture and humidity) can affect adhesive over time. If you’re determined to use wallpaper in the bathroom, here are a few ways to do it. Continue reading

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Stylish ways to add storage to a small kitchen

kitchen-storageEven if you have small kitchen or limited cabinetry, there are plenty of easy, stylish ways to expand your storage areas.

From floating shelves to an organizer starter kit, there are the tools to give you more space. Continue reading

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Why You Should Always Shop at a Plumbing Supplier

plumber-tools-equipment-bathroom-plumbing-repair-photo1-S1024475101No matter your skill level when it comes to pipes and faucets, if you don’t have the plumbing supplies you need to handle a DIY plumbing job, your know-how is null and void.

When you’re making repairs or upgrades, the best place to buy your materials is at a plumbing supplier.

Whether you’re tackling a to-do list for your own home or you respond to specialized plumbing calls for homes and businesses, a plumbing supplier can offer the best products at the best price.

Continue reading

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Top Ways to Save Water

tap-closeup-dripping-waterdop-water-leaking-photo1-S166082693In our homes, there are many small ways in which we can conserve water.

These little changes can add up to big water savings. It’s not only good for our planet but for our wallets and utility bills.

The number one time to turn off the water in the sink is while you brush your teeth. Wet your toothbrush, then turn the water off. Those few minutes of water saving will add up over days, weeks, months and years! Continue reading

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Why You Should Upgrade to a Modern Shower Head Today

running-water-shower-fauct-photo1-S563709478Replacing a shower head is an easy project that can change your entire shower experience.

Transform the act of taking a shower from something you must do into a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Newer shower heads can provide better water pressure while utilizing technology to be more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Kitchen remodeling: where to splurge, where to save

Kitchen_Remodel_S564076339Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home for a future resale or just want your kitchen to better match your personal style, there are places to splurge with your kitchen renovation and areas where you should save.

Buy appliances that are energy efficient and fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a growing family and piles of dirty dishes, invest in a quality dishwasher. Refrigerators typically need to be replaced every 15 years, but your stove will last longer, so spend a little more on the cooktop. Stainless steel is the most desired appliance style, so that’s your best bet if you’re flipping a home or looking to sell in the future. Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen_Lighting_S165453497The kitchen is a room that feeds your hunger and your relationships with family and friends. When it’s time to update the kitchen, the changes must match your personal style.

Because the kitchen pulls double duty – serving as a work space and a gathering spot – kitchen lighting is a vital component in creating the right atmosphere. There are three main categories of kitchen lighting to consider: ambient, task and accent. Here’s what you need to know about each to make the room fitting for your family.

Continue reading

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