Organization Hacks for a Tiny Bathroom

Turning your tiny bathroom into a storage sanctuary just requires a little creativity. There is storage space in areas where you might not even consider, so we’re pointing them out to you now, in hopes you can organize your small space into something extravagant.

A full bathroom typically requires at least 36 to 40 square feet. For a small home, the dimensions of a guest bathroom or small master bathroom are usually five feet by eight feet. Often this size bathroom will not have a linen closet, or much storage at all. Use these creative ideas to utilize the unexpected space you have available.

Hang baskets

Hanging baskets on the wall not only gives you extra storage space, but also adds a decorative touch to the walls. The baskets can be used to hold face and hand towels, toilet paper, toiletries or soaps. With a number of different sizes and shapes available at your local big-box store, you can choose a material that will add texture to the bathroom and match your pre-existing décor.

Bathroom mirror storage case

If you have the wall space to add a full-length mirror to the bathroom, choose one that serves a dual purpose. A mirror case that opens to reveal shelves can hide your excess items, while still serving as a convenient way to check your outfit.

Adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks are an easy, inexpensive way to add storage space inside your cabinets. By sticking the hooks to the inner side of the cabinet door, you create a place to hang a wire frame basket or your daily hair tools, like a brush, curling iron or hair dryer. When you’re ready for a change, simple remove the adhesive strip and start again.

Add towel racks to door

Your wall space may not allow you to add more than one towel rack, but the back of the bathroom door is a perfect place to add a couple more. Space the bars evenly, leaving at least 24 to 30 inches between the last towel rack and the bottom of the door. Use the bars as a storage spot for clean towels if you don’t have a linen closet, or use the extra bars daily for homes with multiple family members.

Corner shelf

A corner shelf can be added to the inside of your bathroom cabinet or the corner of the bathroom space. Without creating a large footprint, the corner shelf offers vertical storage for many bathroom essentials.

Add shelves above the toilet

The vertical space about the toilet is the ideal spot for items you may not need every day, like extra toilet paper rolls or a candle. Add open shelving that matches your hardware or décor and line the shelves to clear off some counter space.

A tiny bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t keep your necessary (and favorite) bathroom items nearby. Find the wall space that can support a hook, shelf or basket to hold your toiletries and towels. Organize your under-cabinet storage with hooks or a pullout organizer. Lack of square footage doesn’t mean limiting your creativity!

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