How to Tell if it’s Time for a New Toilet

Sure, the hue may be a green from 1978 and you have to jiggle the handle for a complete flush, but the toilet still works, right? However, just because the toilet still functions, doesn’t mean an upgrade isn’t in order. There are a number of signs indicating that it’s time for a new toilet, here are some you should look out for:

  • Continuous clogs: If you’re using the plunger as often as you are the toilet itself, it’s time for a replacement. Continuous stoppages may indicate your toilet no longer has the velocity needed to adequately remove waste from the bowl.
  • Running water: When water runs from the toilet without flushing, it’s time for a repair. The fix may be a simple flapper replacement. Over time the small piece inside the tank loses its ability to seal completely and is relatively inexpensive to replace. However, if you’ve replaced the flapper, found no leaks and continue to hear running water, your toilet is increasing your monthly water bill. It’s time for a switch.
  • Leaks: A toilet that continuously leaks can cause severe water damage to your bathroom floor or the ceiling of the upper level of your home if the bathroom is on the second story. You can easily determine a leaking toilet by pooling water, a spongy floor or a mildew smell. Replace the toilet before it causes major damage to your bathroom.
  • Weak or no flush: In a worst case scenario, your toilet stops flushing completely. If you’ve determined it’s not a clogged pipe, it’s time to replace the toilet. Natural deterioration caused by age and use can stop the toilet from functioning properly. It will likely be less expensive and a better investment to simply replace the toilet rather than fix it.

The average toilet lasts for 15-30 years, depending on quality and usage. If your toilet is on the tail end of that lifespan, investing in a new unit could help save on your utility bill.

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