How to remove rust stains from sinks, toilets and tubs

Remove Rust Stains From Sink_editedThe smallest rust particles in your water can leave stains in your bathroom fixtures. Even when the water has no color and tastes normal, certain levels of iron can leave rust rings.

Rust stains develop over time where there’s water resting against the porcelain—think a toilet bowl, or a tub frequently used for bathing. Because it takes a while for these stains to develop, they can be particularly difficult to remove. The typical big box store toilet or bathroom cleaner may not do the trick.

If your porcelain has fallen victim to high iron levels or rust particles, here are some solutions. You’ll need tough scrubbers and a lot of elbow grease, but you should be able to remove the rust stains in your bathroom.

Scouring pads

Using the abrasive side of a scouring pad should remove most light rust stains on your tub or sink. This solution is eco friendly as you shouldn’t have to use any chemicals while scrubbing.


A few pumice products are perfect for removing rust stains from porcelain. Try a pumice block on your sink, tub or bathroom tile just as you would a scouring pad. This solution is also eco friendly, and you can use the pumice rock multiple times.

Lemon juice and salt

Sticking with the environmentally friendly solutions (and avoiding a trip to the hardware store), create a paste mixture of lemon juice and salt. This solution needs time to penetrate the porcelain, so let the mixture sit on the stain for at least 15 minutes then scrub away with a cleaning brush. Lemon juice and salt are best used for stains on the bottom of a sink or tub as they won’t stick to the sides.


You can try using chemicals if the rust stains in your bathroom are too difficult to remove with the solutions above, but what you’ll find in the supermarket likely won’t work. Search for a cleaner with hydrochloric acid, which is safe for your tub and tile. Always read the label carefully, wear gloves and use extra caution when handling chemicals.

Rust stains can be difficult to remove and may eventually return. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, Kohler creates toilets with CleanCoat technology that fights against bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits.

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