How to pull off a black bathroom

black-bathroomMany people prefer the relaxed, spa-like design of a white bathroom. But what if you want the exact opposite? Something bold?

A black bathroom can be absolutely stunning. This design choice can read either masculine or glamorous and dramatic, depending upon the approach. We also love the versatility of a black bathroom because it can fit any style — traditional, transitional or contemporary.

Sound like a look that might work for you? Check out these tips for creating a black bathroom.


While it’s true that painted black walls can be striking, you should also consider textured wallpaper, patterned wallpaper or even tilework. Be careful of using all black or true black; it tends to make a bathroom feel dated or claustrophobic. Try to find a black hue that is blended with a different color, like gray or blue.

Add contrast

A black bathroom is more visually appealing when you contrast black surfaces against other colors. For example, a black bathroom can look stunning with a lighter floor as well as white sinks, tubs and toilets.

Let your fixtures shine

Adding shiny metal fixtures can reflect light and brighten up a darker bathroom. Reflective metals really stand out against black surfaces, while darker metals, like an oil-rubbed bronze, will be less noticeable.

Don’t be afraid of bling

Glass details can add to the glamour of a black bathroom. Consider adding glass hardware (like drawer and cabinet pulls), glass light fixtures or even a dramatic chandelier.

Reverse your colors

Reverse your color scheme by offsetting black flooring, cabinets or fixtures against white walls.

If the design and accents create a room that you love, then it’s the right color for your personal space.

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