How to make the most of your bath time

bath and wineIt’s Friday night, you’ve got the house to yourself and you’ve just finished up a horrendous week at work. It’s time to hit the tub and we’ve got the ultimate step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of bath time.

The prep work

Taking a few minutes to tidy up the bathroom works wonders for helping to create a relaxing ambiance. If your bathroom is located in a colder part of the house it’s also a good idea to turn the heater on 15 minutes before you’re ready to undress and slip into the tub.

Optional preparations include:

  • Lay out your nightwear so you can slide into comfy clothing immediately after finishing your bath. An extra fluffy bath towel also goes a long way towards creating luxury and a soft pillow is perfect for resting your head and neck.
  • Gather together everything you’ll need so you don’t have to get out once you’re in the water and relaxed. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a good book, make sure everything you need is within arm’s reach of the tub before you get in.
  • Consider taking a quick shower first to clean off. If you are planning on taking a long bath you may not want to soak in dirty water.

Settling on a theme

From cocoa to lavender to pomegranate, vanilla and beyond, bath products come in every scent imaginable. Instead of throwing together a hodgepodge of fragrances that may not go together, try to synchronize your products to be all the same or at the very least highly compatible.

Deciding on a specific theme will also help transport you away to a different place. Go warm and cozy with chocolate and coffee or whisk yourself away to the tropics with a combination of coconut and pineapple.

Creating the mood

Setting up a portable stereo to play relaxing music is the perfect strategy for shutting off the outside world. A copious amount of candles craft a sensation of romance while allowing you to turn off harsh overhead lighting for further relaxation.

Delectable snacks

If you’re planning on soaking your cares away for more than an hour you might want to put together a fun snack tray of cheese, crackers and your favorite fruits. There’s nothing quite like the taste of an ice cold strawberry from the comfort of a warm bath.

Get the water just right

Take the time to monitor water temperature while drawing your bath. While it might be tempting to turn the water on and go do other things while the tub is filling, you don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold.

Bathwater that is too hot can be painful or cause dizziness. Bathwater that isn’t hot enough will soon lose its relaxing qualities and force an early end to your bath time.

When you’ve got the temperature just right, add bath salts, essential oils or essences, then undress and slide into the water.

The after-bath

Just before you’re ready to get out, wash yourself off with a soft washcloth to remove excess oils and other bath products. Once dry apply a moisturizing cream to your entire body.

Now that you’re nice and relaxed, brew up a warm cup of herbal tea.

Oh, and don’t forget to lock the door! Your bath time is the ultimate “Do not disturb” moment.

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