How to Incorporate Exposed Pipes into Your Bathroom Design

You don’t have to be a professional plumber to believe that pipes are beautiful. Some of the classiest bathrooms make zero effort to hide the tubes that whisk your water away.

Here are three tips for pulling off the exposed pipe look.

One Simple Rule for Exposed Piping

There’s a big difference between an unfinished bathroom and the wow factor of well-executed exposed piping.

To make sure your new space exudes the right feeling, keep the golden rule in mind throughout the build: “Make it look on purpose.” Include the pipes in your design from the beginning instead of trying to fit them in at the end.

Define Your Vision

Exposed pipes come in all shapes and sizes—from full-on New York loft to high-end polished copper and everything in between. Whether you’re going for galvanized industrial or artsy chic, it’s important to know which is which so that your theme follows through from top to bottom.

All Glass All the Time

To create a more modern exposed pipe look, consider a see-through sink and countertop. It’s possible to purchase one-piece units with the basin built in, or you can install a thick glass shelf and couple it with an all-glass vessel sink.

The Console Table

Many pedestal sink tops, such as the Memoirs Stately line, can be installed with optional legs to form what’s known as a console table.

Whereas most pedestal sinks are designed to hide the trap and drain, the console table design is a provocative way to expose your pipes while keeping most of the focus on the sink.

Another option, for outside-the-box crafty sorts, is to use an actual antique table for the base. Simply use a hole saw to drill space for the drain and voila, you’ll soon boast the most unique bathroom in the neighborhood.

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