How a kitchen renovation can change your life

family in kitchenEvery homeowner understands that unless you build it from scratch, there’s no such thing as the “perfect” house. Even when you’re thrilled beyond belief with the home purchase of your dreams, there will always be little things here and there you wish you could change.

For a lot of people, guilt prevents them from ripping out the features they loathe and starting fresh with a design that will make them happy. There’s kind of a prevailing thought that one should simply “make do” with the house they’ve got.

This type of thinking could be preventing you from truly loving your home.

A kitchen renovation has the power to change your life. It really does.

The focal point of the home

How we feel in the kitchen is a direct reflection of how we feel about our house in general. We may spend more total hours each day in the bedroom but the kitchen is the true centerpiece of the family home.

Food is love. It brings us together and works to create memories. This isn’t cliché hullabaloo, it’s a simple fact.

If you don’t feel happy in the space where food is prepared and shared, this is a situation that needs to be rectified.

A comfortable workspace

If you live in an older home there’s a good chance your kitchen is cramped and awkward. It’s not just that the traditional kitchen was seen more as a “work” zone than a pleasant place to be, it’s also that modern kitchens require a lot more countertop and storage space to house additional equipment.

From espresso machines to food processors, pizza ovens and more, today’s kitchen lifestyle requires a greater percentage of your home’s square footage in order to be comfortable.

Add to the mix the fact that more families prefer to eat in the kitchen than the dining room and you’re not being unreasonable in thinking your kitchen could really do with an overhaul.

More quality time with the family

Today’s fast-paced busy lifestyle is making it harder than ever to get your family to sit down together at mealtime.

The Leave it to Beaver era is gone and it’s unreasonable to expect your kids to pull up a chair every night at 6pm sharp at the formal dining table.

Instead of fighting the trend, find a workaround by installing comfortable seating right there in the kitchen. Whether it’s at an island, breakfast bar or nook, you’ll find it’s easier to connect with your children when sit-down options are available adjacent to the food prep.

Get more out of entertaining

Converting your kitchen layout to feature a modern open plan makes it easier to mingle with guests during parties and social gatherings.

Instead of feeling “locked away” in the back while everyone else is having fun, you’ll be able to participate in the party while preparing food at the same time. Uncork a bottle of wine and share a glass with good friends while your other hand works the spatula!

A host of modern conveniences

Face it, kitchen technologies have changed drastically over the past few decades. From the sink and faucet to appliances, lighting and more, a new kitchen will truly upgrade your cooking experience to the twenty-first century.

Whether you’re an amateur chef, baking enthusiast or simply a passionate foodie, investing in a major renovation will pay huge dividends to your overall happiness. A kitchen makeover truly does have the power to change your life.

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