Hot Remodeling Trend: At-Home Dog Washing Station

With more than 60 million families across the nation owning at least one dog, it’s no surprise that the latest home remodeling trend caters to dog owners.

An at-home dog washing station not only makes caring for your furry family member much easier but also provides the dog with a safer, less stressful environment. Mudrooms or laundry rooms are great places to consider as many already have the necessary plumbing for a shower.

How much does a dog washing station cost?

Installing an at home dog washing station is similar to installing a shower or tub. You’ll need to contact a plumber if the water line and drain are not already present and a contractor to install the actual wash area. Costs vary from roughly $1,000 for a freestanding tub while a custom design can cost much more.

Shower, tub or freestanding wash basin

A walk-in shower works best for larger dogs, while an elevated tub is best suited for smaller dogs that can easily be lifted into the washbasin. A freestanding washtub is a less expensive option as it requires no tile work, but you still need a plumber for installation.

  • Elevated tub: Steps or ramps can be installed with an elevated tub. If you choose a tub, keep the depth no greater than 15 inches so you don’t have to learn over constantly.
  • Walk-in shower: The walk-in shower can be framed with an elevated lip around the base of the shower to prevent water from running into the floor. A hinged door can also be added if desired.
  • Freestanding washbasin: This option is the least taxing on your wallet and is an easier feature to remove if you desire a change.

Whether you choose a shower or tub, tile is the recommended material for easy clean-up and water damage prevention.

Best dog washing station features

As you plan out the installation of a dog washing station in your home, be sure to include these helpful features:

  • Hand-held showerhead: Make the shower head mobile so you don’t have to force your dog into one corner of the bath to be rinsed.
  • Leash clip: Create stability by having a clip you can use to tether your dog to the wall.
  • Shelf: Create an easy-to-reach area where you can set your supplies during bath time.
  • Storage: Keep your dog washing area organized while it’s not being used with sufficient cabinetry and shelfing.
  • Rubber grip mat: The American Kennel Club says dogs can become stressed on slippery surfaces. Use a rubber grip mat in the bottom of the shower or tub to provide a stable surface.
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