Hiring a Professional Designer for Remodels: Pros & Cons

shutterstock_482343349Not sure if you need a professional designer for your kitchen or bath renovation?

In this post, we’ll cover all the advantages and disadvantages that will help you make an informed decision.

Pro:  Major Stress Relief

Keeping track of your renovation is a full-time job. Problem? You’ve already got a full-time job.

There’s finding vendors, negotiating with contractors and suppliers, scheduling tradespeople and keeping track of punch lists: Delegating these duties to someone who’s been around the block takes an enormous weight off your shoulders.

Pro: Access to Expertise

Creating a truly show-stopping space requires dozens of different elements. Knowing where to begin and which materials match is a real challenge.

There’s a reason why a professional-looking kitchen or bath is almost always designed by a professional.

Con: Loss of Control

Letting someone else take care of the little details can lead to a designer making choices you don’t like.

A good designer will work hard to understand your vision, but part of having a professional run the show is trusting that they know best. They usually get it right, but there’s always a chance that some of your wants get lost in translation.

Pro: A New Set of Eyes

A designer will recommend a world of ideas that you’ve never thought of. Browsing a stack of design magazines can’t compete with ample design education and experience.

Pro: Balancing Function & Style

Aesthetics matter, but so does functionality. A professional will help you avoid practical design oversight: Something may look great on paper, but will only get in your way when you’re rushing around the kitchen plating your dish.

Con: Adds Cost to Budget

Professionally designed kitchens and bathrooms provide greater resale value compared to DIY jobs. Special relationships with tradespeople and vendors can even lead to discounts on products and services.

However, the initial cost of your project will likely be higher when hiring a designer – even if the decision pays long-term dividends and makes you money down the road.

Pro: More Bang for Your Buck

Designers know how much different materials should cost. They can provide invaluable guidance when choosing between upgrades.

A designer can lead you in the right direction and help you spend more where it counts. Unique insights assist in avoiding expensive mistakes.

Con: You Might Not Get Along

As with any relationship, it’s possible that you just won’t click with your designer. Always do your due diligence and interview several firms before signing a contract.

Pro: Truly Unique Finished Product

If you’ve got a knack for style plus the patience to commit to the planning process, there’s no reason you can’t design your own kitchen. But a professionally designed renovation project is more likely to leave the neighborhood dripping with envy.

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