Good design is everything when remodeling your kitchen or bath

shutterstock_143613391Do you ever find yourself lamenting over design decisions made by the previous owner of your home? Why did they do that? Why didn’t they do this?

Well, this is normal. After all, most of us don’t have the luxury of planning and building our own home from scratch!

So, what we wind up doing is slowly remodeling the key rooms in our home over time, to better suit our tastes. And no two rooms are more important than the kitchen and bath.

For a room that feels and functions the way you want it to, the value of good design is paramount.

Kitchen and bath renovations are not projects to be taken lightly. If you don’t take good design into consideration, you can easily wind up wishing your fridge had been installed closer to your oven or that you hadn’t faced the bathtub towards the toilet.

As homeowners we spend copious amounts of time in both of these rooms, and they are the most functional rooms in the vast majority of households. It is vital that, at the planning stage, a great deal of thought goes into selecting the placement, style and functionality of every item.

Before you start revamping the room is when the most important decisions like color, style and function should be made. It is much easier to pull the room together in one cohesive look when that schema is by design and not simply pieced together on the fly.

Whether you hire a pro or design the kitchen yourself, be sure to keep it personal.

Design is a very personal thing. Everything about a design should match your needs and function to the specifications that you indicate.

If you live in an apartment in the city, eat out often and spend very little time at home, then an easy to keep clean minimalist kitchen would most likely check all your boxes.

On the other hand, if your house is home to many, you generally eat in and like to invite guests over, then you’re going to want an entirely different kitchen set-up. You’ll require more storage, broader workspaces and possibly choose an open plan to include the cook in social gatherings.

Your house is more than just a place you hang your hat. It’s a space that reflects your character. Your emotional connection to it is what makes a building your “home,” but you won’t be able to encapsulate your personality into the design unless you explicitly decide ahead of time to do so.

A well designed bathroom is primarily one that will meet your needs.

Many homeowners make the big mistake of choosing a bathroom design to replicate based purely on form and not enough on function. Sure, you want your new bathroom to be gorgeous, but for such a vital part of the home it’s imperative that the design suits your needs and not someone else’s.

For important decisions such as whether or not to install a bathtub or what type of sink/vanity combination you want to install, think first about how you will use the space and then shape the aesthetics around your needs. Remember, function first and then form. Both aspects are important but they ought to be considered in that order.

Your home should be designed to bring an element of happiness to your life. Walking through your front door should make you breathe a sigh of relief. Your bathrooms and kitchen are at the very center of your home, so good design in these rooms is everything.

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