Four Instances When You Need An Emergency Plumber

If you’re lucky, you’ve dealt with few plumbing problems in your home. But for the moments you find yourself using the bathroom plunger at 2 a.m., or cooking for a houseful of holiday guests has destroyed your garbage disposal, an emergency plumber may be necessary. To help you decide if you should make the call over the weekend or wait until Monday morning, consider whether your situation falls into one of these circumstances.

Hazardous Situation

If at any point a plumbing problem is creating an unsafe environment for your family or home, call an emergency plumber immediately. Raw sewage seeping through your drains or pooling in your lawn should not be left untreated. Serious health and environmental issues can result from a sewage leak, not to mention the extensive damage that can occur within your plumbing system or home. Do not wait until normal business hours if hazardous waste is present.

No Water

When the water supply to your home is interrupted, and you’ve confirmed it’s not a municipality issue, call an emergency plumber. A large leak or broken pipeline may be responsible for the loss of water. A professional plumber can perform a sewer camera inspection for an inside look at the pipes that run beneath your lawn and home. The video will reveal any line disruptions or blockages that could cause an interruption in your water service. Even if the water is running but at low water pressure, call the plumber. A sudden drop in water pressure can indicate a leak.

Multiple Clogged Drains

If the bathroom sink, shower and kitchen sink drains simultaneously stop releasing water, contact an emergency plumber. When drains become backed up simultaneously, you may be dealing with a blockage in the main sewer line. A professional plumber will have the tools to determine exactly where the clog is located and remedy the situation before waste begins to seep through the drains in your home. You may also notice a strong sewage odor coming from the drains shortly before they stop working properly.

Toilets Won’t Flush

As with the drains in your home, if multiple toilets will not flush properly, a plumbing expert is needed. In an emergency plumbing situation, all the toilets in your home will have problems removing waste, not just one. If only one toilet isn’t working properly, you’re likely dealing with a clog in the attached plumbing, which can wait until normal business hours. Multiple malfunctioning toilets indicate a blocked sewer main.

There are other plumbing problems that would require an emergency plumber, but this list includes the most popular situations handled by local plumbers. Don’t risk damaging your system with a DIY fix or by waiting to make the call if you feel the situation is serious. Call an emergency plumber for a thorough inspection and reliable resolution to your problem.

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